Wednesday, July 06, 2011

what i want to remember right now.

So I may have been questioned by one young lady as to why I haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks. I didn't realize my fan had been left wanting. This one's for you, Jenne. :)

Well. Let's see. I don't have a great reason. Other than that I perhaps slightly panicked that my summer was ending, and thus packed my "overnight" bag three times, took four ferries, added an extra 1000 kms to my car, and blew my budget on coffee. I worked hard to fill my "tank" with time spent with friends.

I chose these last minute adventures, partly because I just wanted adventure, and partly because June was ending, and I knew that July is dedicated to school.
And here we are.
Day one, class one, done.
Tonight I read. Tonight I write a paper.
(and of course, I blog to procrastinate. That is my m.o. after all).

Already I feel the pressure of deadlines and schedule, and the knowledge that my head is about to be crammed with all sorts of stories and lessons....again. But I am excited. And I'm happy to be on campus again with those we survived the last summer's courses. These are the friends whom I have studied with online this year, whom I have skyped and emailed and facebooked with. There is something comforting to know we are in this together and we are reunited now in person.

And I smile because community can be so good.

And community can look so different from one space to the next, yet similar.

I smile when I try to get in my car to leave for school, and 2 year old Jane yells from the front step.

Jane: Mo'! Mo'! Hug! Mo'!

I have to return and give yet another last hug and receive a last kiss (with added "MUAH" sound from Jane, to which I inwardly giggle), which makes me late to pick up Kirsten, but I don't really mind, and Kirsten understands the love.

I smile when 4 year old Charlee knocks on my door as I read.

Me: Hi Char! Are you here to tell me something?
Charlee: Yes! We are going to the MOON on SATURDAY!
Me: Oh, really? I kinda thought you were here to tell me supper was ready.
Charlee: Nope. We're going to the moon on Sat-ur-day! (think sing-song voice here).
Me: Oh, okay.
Charlee: Can I use your lipstick?
Me: Yup, just a little, okay?
Charlee (after dramatically rubbing the chapstick on her lips): Okay. Supper's ready now.

I smile again when it's 3 year old Bodhi's turn to pray for supper.

Prays Jesus. 
Mom and Dad. 
Loves us. 
And all our suppers. 
And all our TOYS! 
Let me do again that first part.
Prays Jesus.
Mom and Dad.
Loves us.
And all our suppers.
And all our toys.
And all our hearts.
Ayyyyyyyy - men.

These kids teach me how community can love you. And care for you. And see things, and find the joy in things, we don't tend to see or acknowledge anymore.

I may be learning about leadership on a campus, in classrooms, with a community of articulate and professionally brilliant adults, but I also learn a lot about leadership, about loving and caring for people, about the big picture, from these beautifully created little ones...and I hope I never forget that.


  1. my blog may not like you but I sure do! This makes me smile :) Hope these weeks of school go okay... can't wait to have another coffee date soon!!