Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sweet Potato Pie

This afternoon I made my first ever Sweet Potato Pie...all from scratch...crust included, and this time, I did NOT burn it :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the premier

Well, today at the Ramada, Gordon Campbell came and spoke before 350 people while we served them lunch. I think it's funny how people act around other people that have titles. Like he could grant them special powers or something.

Unlike us in the back, who referred to him as "Gordo" the whole time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

round 2

you know...they said it would snow today. I just didn't really think it would. But...this is definitely round 2. A slushier, slicker snowfall...anyone else do 180s with your car today?

Monday, January 08, 2007

well. well. well.

So now that Kelly has an upstanding computer...I've finally been able to get at my pictures on my camera, and I have to say that there are some favorites, partly because of the stories that they refer to. Let me share some with you:

Here are two of my favorite ladies....dressed in my clothes. see, these gals are both RD's at CBC (the job I used to do for those of you who don't know), and worked very hard (with others) to re-create "Price Is Right" one night for all of the students at the college. I was hanging out with Laura (on the left) earlier that evening, and as we were driving to a restaurant, she joked, "You don't happen to have an evening gown on you, do you?". I started to laugh, knowing that she was needing a proper "Barker's Babes" outfit for the event later that night...until I shrieked back, "YES I DO!" I had just been home to visit my family, and had picked up an old bridesmaid dress and my highschool grad dress so I could put them in MCC or some thrift store. So, we brought them to the school, and she and Elise both found the dress that fit them best, and I just had to take a picture (which I'm sure they will LOVE to see on the internet...ha)

Okay...this cutie is Charlee Davey, daughter of good friends of mine. There's really no story with this, more that I just wanted to show her off. She is my newest little friend in life, and we have a great time together. I spend hours trying new ways to make her giggle, and she puts my fingers in her mouth and drools on me. It's a great relationship that we have. these pictures are a series, and I have to say that they put me to shame. You see, I made a big deal this summer in Costa Rica, mostly with the Americans that I was working with, that it NEVER snows in Abbotsford. Three months later, I was shown otherwise, when I woke up to this. So, for those of you who know who you are...I'm sorry. I guess I lied. Enjoy the pictures. And for the rest of you who live here - what the heck is going on?

Here is Misty and Kelly (my roomie) helping me dig my car out. I wasn't sure she would survive this one...but she has held strong (my car, not my roomie, just to clarify).

And this is a couple of days later, when it was safe to venture out....Maria and I made a little friend. He would have been bigger, but the snow wasn't sticking...we were just happy to make him. Can I say that I love that we're 25 and still making snowmen?

And last, but definitely not least, I had to show you all the creme de la creme of Kelly's Christmas decorations...the toilet cover Santa. Oh yes, that is our toilet. And oh yes, that is Santa.

automated eclectic everything

What's with this "new way" of telemarketing? Have you experienced this yet at your house? I answer the phone, and instead of a telemarketer asking me if I want life insurance or a vacuum or something, I now have a machine asking me to press buttons. How annoying. Although, easier to hang up on.

The real question is - why the change? Well, it could be to save money...but I secretly wonder if it's because of the damaging effects of rejection on telemarketers. I have definitely slammed my phone down on some. They really leave no other option sometimes. But I think, if I was turned down that many times in one day, I'd probably be damaged goods by the end of it. Maybe the big companies are tired of paying for counselling?

Anyways, favorite conversation quote to share with you all - I was driving some girls home last night from a staff party. Two girls were talking about a guy they knew and were trying to describe him:

Girl 1: Well, he's kind of hard to describe. What's the right word?
Girl 2: Eclectic!
Girl 1: Yeah, I'd say he's eclectic.
Girl 3: Oh, my, does that mean he steals things?

Friday, January 05, 2007

We Are Crying

Ok. Warning to you all...I went and saw "We are Marshall" with some friends the other night. And I cried throughout it...along with everyone else I was, in case you haven't seen it yet, bring tissues.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Funny...I always thought that you had to be working at McDonalds to be repeatedly asking, "Would you like fries with that?" But somehow, this season of my life has found me uttering those words.

White Spot is...well...different than what I had pictured for myself for my year of "just working"...and when someone tips you $4 on a $65 bill...even when everything went great, you just have to wonder. But then right when I feel like throwing my apron on the ground and walking out, I get a table like last night: $20 on a $45 bill...

I have to say that I truly believe that God wants me working at the Ramada (both banquets and White Spot) for this season. When I came back from Costa Rica, I tried to get jobs at many restaurants....many...and I even had interviews with the managers, who said they were impressed with my resume, and would be in touch.

I didn't hear from any of them.

But, I did hear from the Ramada, repeatedly, and was hired almost instantly. And then White Spot opened, and I started working both jobs, which allowed me full-time hours (not offered by any restaurants these days).

Moral of the story? While I may have never thought that I would be obsessed with fries...I am humbled to know that God's plans are ultimately higher than mine. They see the bigger picture....which I don't (even if I like to think that I do). And, through this season, I have enjoyed coming home at the end of a shift, and not feel like I'm still "on duty". But more importantly, I have started to really desire another "ministry" position. I know now that when I return from Costa Rica this summer, I will be looking for something different - and am excited by the wide-open possibilities.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Who we are

So the other night, coming home from work, I went through a roadblock. My favorite part was when I rolled down my window, and the guy says, "We're the police here...doing a roadblock..."

Oh, you mean you aren't just pretending? You aren't really security guards dressed in police uniforms? I think the flashing lights, distinctive outfits, and guns gave you away before you introduced yourself, sir.