Saturday, November 17, 2012


If any of you have ever played Hoopla, you'll appreciate this one at a whole other level...

Today during lunch with the kiddos, Jane started talking about someone she met at a friend's house, and described him as "scary". Bodhi quickly replied to say he wasn't scary. I asked Jane why he was scary (she had no real reason...), while Bodhi tried to explain who this boy was to me.

Bodhi: Yeah, he's like older than me, but he's not a grown up.

Me: So how old is he like Charlee's age? Or is he like Kyla's age? Or like Joey's age? Or like Reuben's age? (I had a few examples to work with...)

Bodhi: No, he's not like any of them.

Me: So, how old do you think he is?

Bodhi: Well, I don't know...maybe 8? or 10? Ok...Kathleen, I know! He's bigger than a bird....but smaller than a dinosaur.

Me: OH! Well.... that definitely... helps.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Seasons collide.

How do you recover from an almost four month blogging hiatus?

You just start typing.

Before I get carried away, I want to first state: I AM FINISHED!

I can't go any further without saying I didn't accomplish it on my own.

I want to share here a small section of my acknowledgements (if you want the full version, along with my other 82 pages of sweat and tears, just let me know and I'll send you the e-copy in all its glory):

To those who rang the cowbells for me: I hear them!  Thank you for your emails and facebook messages, your gifts, your survival kits (I am talking to you, Lana), and your many text messages.  With each one I felt a burst of energy and creativity.  As cheesy as it sounds, your love was inspirational.  Thank you.  (And a special thanks to those lovely ladies who rallied my cheerleaders together. You know who you are). 

I have had a lot of people ask me lately if I feel like a new girl; if I don't know what to do with myself; if I have fully grasped what it means to not have to come home and read, write and study each night. 

My answer to all who have asked....

Not really.

You see, I happened to (well, I planned to...) finish my masters' degree with a full day to spare before the chaos of a new college year started. I handed in the final paper at 11:58pm on a Saturday night. I had one glorious Sunday free. And then, the student leaders arrived for training on Monday. 

And I have been running ever since. 

This semester is kicking my butt. 

And so, before I get to celebrate the fact that I'm done with one season, I am fully invested in the next.

It can get overwhelming. 

That's why I'm reading this a lot:

And that's why this song is on repeat: