Sunday, May 27, 2012

literal vs. metaphorical...

I'm currently writing a final paper for my class...

...which means it's time to blog a Charlee story.

Friday night Charlee was pretty sick. Seems she was hit with some sort of 24 hour bug. So, Saturday morning, when I came upstairs, I found her perched on the couch with a big blanket and about a dozen books, and a large bowl...just in case. I snuggled up to her and soon Bodhi and Jane joined us.

Eyeing Bo's bowl of pretzels, Charlee asked me if she could have some. Seeing as Bo had the last of them, I asked him to share them with her, but also reminded Charlee to not take too many, as she hadn't been able to eat anything yet.

As she shoved them into her mouth rather voraciously I gently reminded:

"Go slow, Char, you're not feeling 100% yet..."

And then I looked up.

And saw her moving in slow motion around the room.

And then had to explain that that wasn't exactly what I meant...but it is what I said.

Friday, May 25, 2012

the latest and greatest...

I'm so behind in blogging it's not even funny.

Not even chuckle-worthy.

But this is...

Charlee: (sitting on my lap, jumps up and points and shouts) Kathleen! It's a spider! It's a spider!

Me: Oh, I see it, it's just a little one! Are you gonna squish it?

Charlee: Kathleen. You do not squish God's creation.

And that's how I was bested by a five year old.