Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sometimes I feel like if I were God, I would be so tired of me not "getting it". For as long as I can remember, He has been trying to teach me to trust Him. I'm trying to clean out my ears a little more lately so that I can hear Him better.

You know how sometimes you have a picture of what you think your life should look like or will look like? And then reality hits, and it doesn't turn out like that at all? ...I'm learning to trust Him.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't really want to work. All the jobs that I think would be fun seem to be volunteer or don't pay very much.

I figure I have two options...either all of you can donate $20 a month to keep me paying rent and food while I galavant through various volunteering roles...or I marry rich.

Monday, September 25, 2006

When you know, you know...

Well, I started and quit Lou's today. I really should have had a clue that it wouldn't be good when I had so many weird problems/interactions with the manager before I even started...and today just solidified for me that Lou's, while the food is great, and fun as a CBC hang out, it's NOT a great place to be working...could also explain why there's always an ad in the paper. Hmm..

Have to say though, that I felt a little more bold today. I know what I want, what I'm looking for, and after 6 hours of "trying it out", I walked up to the manager, said "I don't think this is the place for me", got my bag, and left.

Now...back to square 1. Tomorrow will be another resume day. I'm thankful that I still have my job at Ramada - and have an all-new appreciation for how well it is run!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sounds like greek...

So I have to tell you all that lately at work I've been amazed by how many languages are spoken among the staff that I work with.

First of all, like most of Abbotsford, we have some Indo-Canadian women that work with us. Last week one lady was training another, and yammering off instructions in Punjab. (At which I leaned over to another co-worker and said: "wouldn't it be funny if this new girl actually doesn't speak Punjab, and is just pretending she knows what's going on?"...we'll see if she can figure out where the plates go or not...then we'll decide).

Then yesterday, one of the chef's was speaking German to another...

And today, two of the chefs were speaking Japanese...

Makes me wish I had someone that I could speak Spanish too...maybe I would feel cooler...or like I had VERY important information to share, that no one else could know about. Then again, maybe these fellow staff members really aren't talking about work at all...maybe they're sharing personal life stories, talking about the weather, or laughing at us simple English speakers for only knowing one language.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hockey and Teaspoons

Well, I have to say that while the people at the Ramada are great...I really find the job to be so very tedious - which is why I'm glad that I start at Lou's on Monday.

My day had a high and a low - my low? Polishing teaspoons for two hours. Yes, I'm serious.

My high? Well, I know that Jer vis will appreciate this - I walked up the stairs into the conference center today, and when I looked up from my feet, was staring straight at the Stanley Cup. My first thought: Is this the real thing? Well, although one of the ladies at work kept calling it the Gray really was the Stanley Cup. Pretty cool. Sadly, I didn't have a camera.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

new job!

So today I got hired at a new job...I think. Honestly, my interview was about 5 minutes long, and the majority of it was discussing when I could start. It was a bit of a whirlwind.

So as of today, I now work at the Ramada (as before...this is not my new job) and Lou's Bar and Grill. Anyone that went to CBC (which is most of you), will be laughing right now, because you're thinking of all those nachos that we ate...with water of course. But don't worry, Laura's got my back, and says she let me know if I start acting too much like a shady bar waitress. I had to remind myself that Lou's actually has decent lunch time clientele, and dinner time too, and bonus is I can keep my eye on those shady CBC students trying to drink (and skip dorm meeting).

"Are you SURE you want another?"

"Does Laura/Ian/Mike/Elise know that you're here? Maybe you should visit them when you get back to campus, tell them I say hi."

"Can I see your ID? No...I meant your student ID. OH...CBC...I went there, and worked fact, I'm going out for coffee with one of the RD's tomorrow, and I'm sure s/he'll love to know that I met you here!"

Oh, too funny.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Como se llama?

The shower head in my bathroom has a name: The Tingle King.
Does anyone else find that funny? Or too close to Tinkle King?
Needless to say, I inwardly chuckle every time I take a shower.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Leaves are falling!

Well...I think it's pretty much officially fall. I know, I know, the "day" hasn't passed yet, but tonight, walking to my car after watching Survivor with Lana, it was pretty obvious that the season is changing. The air was cool, even with my sweater on, the pavement still wet from the intense rain today, and I had to turn on the heaters in my for me, one to defog my window!

In some ways, I'm ready for it, this new season...I love autumn - leaves changing, crisp air, sweaters - but oddly enough, being in Costa Rica for the summer made me feel like I missed summer. I know exactly what you're all thinking right now...but honestly, it was rainy season, so it rained almost every day, and where I lived was cold sometimes (often I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt), and the sun went down every night around 5:30/6ish...Mind you...I'm not complaining, cause let's honestly think about this folks...I was in Costa Rica!

Another reason I know fall is here? Other than these reasons, and the fact that all the students are back in school? The big MCC sale is this weekend...and all of Abbotsford will be at the Tradex center, watching the auction, eating borscht, and buying plants and old books for quarters. I will definitely be between shifts at the Ramada, welcoming fall!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i hate training.

So I have realized something else this week - while I'm enjoying the newness of the job at the Ramada, I'm also remembering how much I hate training for something new. You know that feeling when you walk into work and you have no clue what you're doing? Yup...I'm there, and while I know that after a while, it goes away, I still in the meantime hate training.

p.s. i can now fold napkins in three different designs...are you impressed?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

love of the game...

So I think I need to confess an addiction that I have.

I just came home from playing 4 hours of beach volleyball with random strangers (and one friend who shares my addiction). I honestly LOVE volleyball...have since I was in grade 6 and was introduced to the game. That year I joined the co-ed team, and we won nationals....okay, so maybe not nationals...more like, we played against the other elementary schools in the area, and won. It was a very historic event; they gave us the team ball, and we all signed it, and it was placed in the school trophy case. (It's probably deflated by now).

There's just something about the rush of your body working faster than you can really think through what you're doing...managing to dive for a ball that's going the opposite direction that your body was...that's a great feeling.

Anyone share my addiction? If you do...Nat and I just made friends with a bunch of guys from Fiji...and we're gonna play again next Sunday at Crescent Beach - you're welcome to join...but only if you're addicted.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

no longer unemployed...

Well, today I got hired at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center, working for banquets/catering...the work isn't necessarily full-time, which means I can also continue pursuing a waitressing job as well...but in the meantime, I'm employed! And very relieved.

It's hit me lately how much I liked working at CBC, and having a title, and responsibility (well, to some extent), and being the one that knew what was going on, and that girls came to for things. Then you quit a job like that, and you no longer have a title. It's an odd thing...and all these new students arrive at the school, and have NO idea who you are, or were, or anything. It's humbling.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boredom...and a little curiosity.

So here's my latest use of time while not employed...I have to give props to Jer Vis for finding this fun little tool...

here's the celebrities that I resemble...supposedly.

Please note with me...I resemble the girl from Full House? And one lady who does not share ethnic background...interesting. I thought it was should do it too.