Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Traumatic events, loss, and anticipation...

These last few days have been some of the weirdest of my life.

Friday night, I went to that "fateful" Starfield concert, and watched the speakers crash down next to us, not even realizing that the floor had caved in...I was so pre-occupied with the massive speakers landing on the crowd (and being quite very close to us), that I missed that whole part...it wasn't until I was outside in the parking lot, waiting for my friends to "re-group" that I found out what all had taken place.

Friday night was the first time I have witnessed trauma within a group setting, and a lot of blood (not the movie blood, but the real thing). It was also the first time (that I can remember) witnessing something in slow-motion, without sound. Honestly, I can't remember any sounds related to the event...just the fire alarm going off once everything stopped. It has been helpful to discuss this night with people - both those that I shared it with, and those that I didn't. It has also been helpful to remember the bands that played before-hand, which were amazing!

I could write a whole post just about this, but I am sort of weary of talking about it. So let me move on...

This weekend also brought the passing of a dear CBC leader. John Schmidt, our former campus pastor, succumbed to his latest bought of cancer early Sunday morning. John specialized in prayer counselling, and taught us SO much, not only in class and in his sessions, but just through his encouragement, his faith, the way in which he spoke and believed what he was sharing with us...the things that he prioritized in his life. I will miss John greatly...but know that he is the one who is better off today, hanging out with his Maker.


And then, there is the change.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and Thursday morning we head out to Kootenay Lake for our camping trip...the highly anticipated "We Are Still Friends Tour 2008" :) I think Mike came up with this clever name a few months ago when we decided we needed a good camping trip, and to combine it in a visit with the "old crew"...especially seeing as we don't have any weddings soon enough to bring us together.

Kootenay Lake - here we come. May you provide sunshine and good times.

There are many good things coming. This camping trip is one of many...and I am so blessed.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On transition.

While many people state that their least favourite thing is change, I have grown to appreciate the transition that my life that takes place each year as I head down to Costa Rica. In fact, when the day comes that I have to stay in one place for more than 8 months, I may have a harder time with that, then with change.

On Wednesday I conclude this year's contract with CBC. Yet another CBC year come and gone.

On Thursday, I go camping! I have to say that this is a very exciting plan...to reconnect with old friends from college that are dear to me, just not necessarily near. And thus, we drive to meet them halfway, and live in tents for a few nights together. It makes my heart happy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My love for Imogen and the hope for the future.

Many people may not know that I have an obsession with good music. I have no specific "type" that is my favourite: I have enjoyed listening to alternative/hard rock with Nate, have been introduced to many folksy artists by Jer, shared an appreciation of country with Kelly, and even shared a secret love of JT with Sheree. Oh...well, that's no longer a secret now, I guess. :)

As of late though, my obsession has centered around Imogen Heap. So...if anyone wants a huge favour from me sometime, you now know how to bribe me.

Grad 2008 happened yesterday...and I was reminded how time just ticks on, which reminded me of the ways in which I need to get off my butt and dream. I don't ever want to "settle down" and stop dreaming...these newest grads are my inspiration...here's to them and their futures!
The ICS grads - future broke but joyful missionaries... :)My "sister" Alyssa whom I've appreciated getting to be part of her life in the last few years...
This year, Ben and I have worked together on the missions committee...and have had some good laughs and become friends along the way - thanks Ben!Rebecca and I have been regularly drinking coffee together this year...and I have learnt a lot from her and the way she learns from her Maker!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I keep wanting to update you all of my great adventures. Problem is...I haven't had any lately that I feel are worthy of writing about.

Tonight is pina coladas and Juno. (Adventure #1)

But...there are many adventures coming in the weeks ahead! Baby showers, camping trip, road trip to Quesnel, visit with my momma, and flight back to my second home...Costa Rica.

To keep your appetite hungry for more...here's a few inspirational pictures of the last few months. They are my favourites. Now that it is April, and the college year is ending, I feel like a new year begins in a couple of weeks...hence the review of the year photo-style :)

In May, Mike came to Costa Rica with the CBC team, and we all went to the Caribbean!
And...I got to meet baby Julian - the newest addition to my host family.

In July, we hosted over 300 youth with Pura Vida Missions, and Carmelinda performed her traditional dance for almost all 300 throughout the month...Then I came home to a new job, and a new little family. And the family grew! In October, we welcomed Bodhi...And Charlee's just gotten bigger and bigger...and developed TONS of personality and humour. Tonight she had ice cream for the first time and ran around the living room for 20 minutes shouting "An....dee.....an....dee......an.....dee" Which we have no idea what that means. But it was hilarious none the less. Here is a classic Charlee pose:
Work has been great this year. I have led approximately 176 students into downtown Vancouver for an urban experience...and have learnt so much in the process. I've also learnt to see the beauty in a big city - and to not see it as such a lonely place.

But ultimately, my highlight of the year is demonstrated in this one photo:Saturday is grad...and marks 4 years that I have been on the "other side" of college life. Except, working at CBC doesn't really help me feel like I've moved on from that. So, in many ways, I am shocked that four years have passed. I could have done a whole new BA (which if you'd asked me about 4 years ago, I would have loudly scoffed at)...