Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a public service announcement....of sorts.

Those of you who know me, know that I like spending time with people.

I like to interact.

I typically love to drink coffee, go to the park, have an adventure, watch a movie, wander aimlessly around a store, drive until I get lost, or plan a trip...with you. My friends.

You give me much joy.

The last two years, while I have been pursuing my graduate studies, I have had to sacrifice some of these things I love. What I have felt the most: my time with my friends. 

I feel it is only fair to alert you all that for the next 8 weeks, it will be even worse. 

You are my public. 
This is my announcement.
(Service somehow fits in there...)

For the next eight weeks, I am going underground.

Perhaps not literally.

(Well...yeah...not literally. I don't really like dark confining spaces. And it would require a lot of digging that I don't have time for.)

But this is the deal. I have eight weeks to write the largest paper I have ever written in my life. Recommendations from my advisor, revisions by me, included.
Two week on campus course, included.
Regular work...included. 
And I know it's possible!

So...if I don't provide regular response time to your text, email, or phone call... 
If I forget your birthday...
If I seem forgetful in general...
If I don't blog...
If I disappear from facebook...
If I seem "un-Kathleen-like"...

...It's because I'm underground.

I hope you all understand. 
And I hope you know I love you all.

Thanks for cheering me means the world to me.

When this is all done...let's celebrate together...I will look like this:

(Happy 3rd birthday Jane...hard to believe this pic is already 2 years old!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

lots of love for the undersea animals.

Bodhi, having just kicked the vacuum cleaner by mistake (one of those "FOR THE LOVE" kinds of moments...), is consoled by his parents on the couch.

Gary: "Bo, I hate stubbing my toe."

Bodhi: "Dad, do you hate....sea turtles?"

"Um, no Bo, I don't hate sea YOU hate sea turtles?"

Bodhi: "No Dad...I love all the animals that are under sea."

...Just call him Jacques Cousteau.

And read the best of the Bo moments here....

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The happiest place...

I've been thinking of how to describe our trip to Disneyland. 
And...I'm at a loss for words.
I think these pics should cover it...with captions, of course.

If you don't know me...and somehow stumbled across this blog, I need to preface this post with the following notes:
1. I live with one of the best families on earth. They have three kids. I am "auntie".
2. I work full time and am finishing up my masters degree this summer. I may be slightly "losing it" and therefore my captions might reflect that.
3. I love Disneyland.
4. Disneyland is like, 100x, no...200x better with kids. Simply cause they are hilarious.

And now you are caught up. Enjoy!

 This was taken approximately 30 minutes from our house. 
You'd think we had been in the car for 15 hours by Charlee's expression....that was yet to come.

 Jane. Age 2.86. Wins cutest face.
 In 'n Out. Lemonade Sharing. You should try it...all the cool kids are doing it.
 We arrived. We survived.
Here's to rental vans with DVD players.
And Carleigh...the "entertainment coordinator"...
 Note matching tees. I highly recommend brightly coloured matching tees at Disneyland. It was incredibly helpful...However, with this particular tee we soon discovered other moms had also found it at Target, had the same brilliant idea, and therefore there were many children who, from a side glance, looked like Charlee, Bodhi, and Jane as a result. I was convinced for approximately 2 seconds that Bodhi was being carried away by a stranger. I got over it.

 Thank you Thunder Mountain for making Carleigh and I giggle the whole time.

 There you have some of my favourite people in the whole world.
At Disneyland.
It really was the happiest place on earth.

 And we got to play with Grandma Jo and Pappa Walt! Double bonus.

Ok, so sometimes a nap would have been helpful.

The next three photos are my most favourite. 
(Princess Parade...or could you guess?)
There was awe... 

...and wonder...
 ...and then plain-freaking-out-joy. (hence, blurry face.)

 We also spent some time in California Adventure...we may have "cheated" through the adventure park and claimed badges that the kids didn't actually earn.
Don't tell them.
Or that girl.
 Why does this just make me smile?

Gary and I rocked the Toy Story game - but Pappa Walt beat everyone.
I secretly wonder if he had a practice round that we didn't know about.

 I love the awkwardness of this photo.
The kids were so excited, they didn't really know what to do.
It kills me.
 Three words.
World of Colour.
Three more words.
It will rock your world.
 Honestly. I believe Carleigh's words were: "It's like the Bellagio...but on steroids".
 Something about the "old faithful" rides really makes me sentimental at Disneyland.
I don't really know why, because it's not like I was there when they first built them.
But...I have a sentimental place for this one.
Except I heard a story about someone once who's ride got stuck and they had to listen to the "It's a Small World" music for an hour or something ridiculous like that. Believe me...I wouldn't feel so sentimental about it if I had had that experience.
But I haven't.
So I am.

And this is my favourite part of that ride.
I'm a little biased. 
Feliz navidad! (oh, wait...)
 Is waiting in line for 75 minutes worth it to watch Charlee and Jane meet princesses?
Yes it is.
(Although, note to Ariel...get some tips from Belle. She rocked it.)

 She was the only one Jane would go to...
Can't you tell, Jane was so happy to see her? 
Oh Jane...
 And Tiana made a good show as well. 
Although the girls didn't know who she was....but she was a princess, and that's all that matters when you're 5. musical show in California Adventure...totally worth it!
It's a 40 minute musical based on the movie.
The genie...was not Robin Williams.
But he was dang funny! 

2 seconds after I said, "Bo, show me your cool dude pose!" 

Oh Jane. 

Charlee's new love. 

We tried to hit the coast on the way home. It was a great idea...God just decided it wasn't gonna be warm yet. So...beach day still happened. And the kids loved it. 

...and the grown ups bundled up. 

SAN FRAN! (Bet you didn't see that comin'!) 

"My kids"
So so so thankful I got to have that experience with them. 
(Especially so, now that I have blog post evidence.... ;))

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

it's the little things...

So it's been a month since we took off for Disneyland with the kids.
I owe you all one totally awesome blog post about that.

In the meantime, delight in the mind that is Bodhi...

At dinner two nights ago...

Bo: Hey, Kaleen, when'd you get those dots all over you?

Me: Um, you mean my moles?

 Yeah (chuckle), your moles! When'd you get those?

Well, I've had them for a long time, bud.

No, I mean how'd you get those?

Well, when you get a bit older, you get moles.

 You mean, I'll get moles? Cause I want to get moles just like you!

Well, actually Bo, you already have a couple (she points to one on his chest)

 Woah, I have a mole! (both fists in the air)... YAY MOLES!!

I have never felt so Bo to find the beauty in moles.
Thanks dude.