Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a public service announcement....of sorts.

Those of you who know me, know that I like spending time with people.

I like to interact.

I typically love to drink coffee, go to the park, have an adventure, watch a movie, wander aimlessly around a store, drive until I get lost, or plan a trip...with you. My friends.

You give me much joy.

The last two years, while I have been pursuing my graduate studies, I have had to sacrifice some of these things I love. What I have felt the most: my time with my friends. 

I feel it is only fair to alert you all that for the next 8 weeks, it will be even worse. 

You are my public. 
This is my announcement.
(Service somehow fits in there...)

For the next eight weeks, I am going underground.

Perhaps not literally.

(Well...yeah...not literally. I don't really like dark confining spaces. And it would require a lot of digging that I don't have time for.)

But this is the deal. I have eight weeks to write the largest paper I have ever written in my life. Recommendations from my advisor, revisions by me, included.
Two week on campus course, included.
Regular work...included. 
And I know it's possible!

So...if I don't provide regular response time to your text, email, or phone call... 
If I forget your birthday...
If I seem forgetful in general...
If I don't blog...
If I disappear from facebook...
If I seem "un-Kathleen-like"...

...It's because I'm underground.

I hope you all understand. 
And I hope you know I love you all.

Thanks for cheering me means the world to me.

When this is all done...let's celebrate together...I will look like this:

(Happy 3rd birthday Jane...hard to believe this pic is already 2 years old!)

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