Monday, August 27, 2007

one big happy family

Life is beautiful. This weekend (and still today) our house has been full. Bursting at the seams a little...and I love it! There's the four of us, like usual, plus another family of six (Gary's sister's family) and then Gary's parents. It's been fun...feels like dorm living, or Pura Vida-style.

No major stories to tell...I will post some pics soon for your entertainment.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

on butting out.

I seem to have a problem of feeling like I need to be involved in other peoples' business. No, I'm not talking about my friends and their "what should I do with my life" situations...Strangers. Random people. Simple everyday situations.

Friday night Dad and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. We were almost done the movie, when the fire alarm went off. No one was really sure what was going we filed out, like you're supposed to. It was a false alarm in the end, and we returned to the movie, re-claiming our seats. Now you'd think this would be an easy assignment for most logical adults to fulfill; however, there was one lady, I'd say early 50s, who decided she wanted to sit in a new when the gentleman who'd been seated there earlier returned to find his seat taken, he politely asked that he could reclaim it. Her response? "You must be kidding." Now keep in mind that all of this I'd observed out of the corner of my eye...but once I heard her blood pressure rose. You must be kidding? YOU must be kidding, lady. Now I was involved as an observer. The end of the story is that he assured her he was not kidding, she called him some names that I cannot type on here, or my blog will be shut down, she found her previous seat, and the movie rolled on. Do you think I could focus on the movie? My mind was racing...wishing it had been me that had had the confrontation with her. I wished I could make her realize to what depths she'd stooped for a silly spot in a theatre for the remaining 15 minutes of a movie. Needless to say, my internal response was "fix this"...not necessarily beneficial or edifying...just there.

Scenario number 2 was on the ferry yesterday coming from Nanaimo to Vancouver. Mom and I had found seats near where the bus driver sells tickets for those looking for a one-way into downtown Van. As I sat, I couldn't help but watch as he sold his last few tickets, and people grew angry and frustrated that seats were unavailable. Then there was the added confusion of those who had mistakenly checked their baggage for stowage on board the ferry, when they should have held on to it and then had it put on the bus. Oh the chaos. Until the sales were closed and the bus driver left to undoubtedly eat a peaceful lunch, again, my blood pressure was high.

So what is all this about? To be honest...I think it's residual. Leftovers from years of being highly involved. As the RD, dealing with all the issues that pertained to girls living in the waitress, recognizing that people are just plain grumpy until they get something to eat...and as the whatever my title is when I'm in Costa Rica, making sure things are running smoothly.

I think I need to learn to let others deal. No one likes the girl who can't just keep to herself...and I don't want to become that girl.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

On being home again.

I walked into Starbucks last night for the first time in over 3 months, and I almost ordered in Spanish. A guy bumped into me in Walmart today, and I apologized in Spanish. I keep forgetting to put my seatbelt on...until last night when the beeper in Jer's car went off because I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. A few times I have almost thrown my toilet paper into the trash can...whoops. Forgetting where I am seems to be the theme here.

It always takes a bit to get back into the groove of life here. But there are a few things I don't want to forget: how I can live with just a suitcase of items and live happily; how building relationships are more important than passing time; and how stress and surrender bring you closer in dependence with your Heavenly Father.

To all my summer friends...thanks for all that you taught me and for loving me even through those stressful times. I will miss you dearly.