Monday, February 22, 2010


The last few months have I haven't been as happy-go-lucky as I usually feel...the glass has been a little more half-empty than full. I unfortunately have heard myself say things that I always thought I wouldn't say...

I need some smiles.

So here, to spread those, I present the things that make me smile for today:
This is a portrait done by my friend Shari-Anne. Her work always makes me smile, because it looks like it belongs to her.
This is from my favourite magazine - Real Simple - I can read it's pages, and wander it's webpages, and appreciate the beautiful things...even if they aren't mine.
This made me laugh out loud. Awkward family photos...have you seen the site?
And last but not least...this kid. When I took this picture, she had been playing with play dough and then realized she could make a moustache and pretend she was her grandpa. Tonight at dinner she said, in a Groucho Marx voice, "Dad, did you know that Jesus lived happily ever after?"

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm not a mom, but today....

...Charlee bit my bum.

And licked my neck.

I tell her lickers don't make friends.

We haven't even gotten to the biting bums part.