Thursday, October 26, 2006

Change of view.

Today I actually went to work kinda upset, and left rather happy. How often does THAT happen?

Usually, I find (tell me if I'm wrong)...if you walk into work in a funk, it will inevitably only get worse, and even possibly bring others down. But today, I don't know, I guess I just got over it, or the positive vibes of others was strong...and (shock here) I had fun at work! All those spoons I'm polishing, they are changing my life I tell ya.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am NOT a morning person.

As much as I'd like to try...and maybe as much as work would like me to be...I am NOT a morning person. The last two mornings, I have had to be up at 5:45 so that I can be at work at 7...fully functioning, and properly clothed.

Tomorrow...I'm sleeping in. Don't try calling me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A child's perspective

So today, I met my mom's student. She is 6 and my mom is basically homeschooling her for grade 1. And she's quite the character...evidently my mom told her that I'm a 'missionary'; she has been quite interested in the topic and the idea that I have been to Costa Rica to tell people about Jesus, and I believe that she's even told her mom she wants to be a missionary herself one day.

Here's what our discussion was today:
Her: "So, did you have fun telling people about the Lord?"
Me: "Yes, it was lots of fun."
Her: "Did they listen?"

I have to say, I felt like I was chatting with, I don't know, a missons rep or was fun, and I got a kick out of her questions.

Sidenote: my parents' computer is very slow on internet, so I've been playing Spider Solitaire while I wait for pages to load - anyone else addicted to the Spider? I sure am...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ode to everyone

So it seems that i am in a little bit of hot water here. I don't know how "seriously" the comments left were, but I want to assure you, that I love you, consider you special, and if had the time and creative energies, would love to write an ode for each and every one of you. However, that is simply impossible (I would like to do other things with my time...such as actually hang out with you!)
Anyways, any comments on the actual story that I wrote, rather than how you feel that it wasn't about you?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ode To Jeremy Vis

(if you're wondering what this is about...check out the previous post's comments, and you'll see why I'm doing this)



Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jeremy Mark Vis, also known by some as Jerami Vice (talk to Sheree Plett about that, I believe). And one day, Jeremy decided that he wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a professional raspberry picker. So, knowing where all good raspberries are grown, Jeremy said goodbye to his parents and sisters, packed his bags, and headed to the Greyhound station. When the clerk asked where he wanted to go, Jeremy enthusiastically shouted, "ONE FOR ABBOTSFORD!". After the clerk got over the shock of being yelled at, he then pondered why one would want to go to Abbotsford. Jeremy beat the clerk to the punch, and announced, "I'm going there to realize my lifelong dream of being a raspberry picker."

The clerk shook his head, gave Jeremy his ticket, and wished him well. When Jeremy got on the bus, he noticed that most of the spots were full. There were three seats available: one next to a knitting grandmother who was talking to herself, one next to a buff 300 pound guy who looked like he had a grudge, and one next to a fairly normal-looking guy who appeared like he might keep to himself. So, Jeremy took the safe route. He introduced himself, having been taught to always be polite, and enthusiastically (but not shouting) shared, "I'm Jeremy Vis, and I'm heading to Abbotsford to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a professional raspberry picker." The young man, not even batting an eyelash, responded, "Well, hello there Jeremy Vis, my name is Chad Kroeger, and I'm the lead singer of Nickelback."

Now, Jeremy, being interested in music, was quite impressed. He wasn't necessarily a fan of Nickelback, but was intrigued to have met someone "famous" (especially on the Greyhound headed to Abbotsford of all places). Knowing how to play a tune himself, Jeremy and Chad had quite a bit in common, and the trip to Abbotsford went by quickly.

Chad was quite interested in knowing why Jeremy would want to become a raspberry picker when he was such a talented musician, and obviously enjoyed it so much. And so as the two talked, Jeremy began to wonder if raspberry picking was the best use of his talents, and if in fact, he would want to learn more about music and how he could use his gifts. Chad piped up, "You know, Jeremy, I have to say that I think you'd be much better off using this music of yours than picking raspberries...I mean, there's lots of people who can pick raspberries, but not as many who can really sing."

While the thought of this really intrigued Jeremy, he had one problem...he was already on a bus headed to Abbotsford. Chad had a quick answer for this: "Well, Jeremy, I know of a school in Abbotsford that might be a perfect place for you to share your talents. My friend Kathleen goes there, and I'm sure she'd love to answer any questions you have about it...she might even be able to get you registered right away too!" This seemed too perfect to be true, but it was. So Jeremy said goodbye to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, who offered him backstage passes to any of his concerts, and then headed off to find Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, to pursue his dream of sharing his musical talents.

And that, my friends, is the true* story of how one Jeremy Vis came to CBC, became friends with me, and how he met Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

*While the characters and places in this Ode are indeed real, the order of events, and well, authenticity of events, may or may not be a little, um, expounded upon. If you want to read about Jer's true encounter with Chad Kroeger...check out his blog (

Friday, October 06, 2006

A less complicated life...

So I was looking at pictures today, and was reminded of some "simpler times"...represented by these enjoy!

First off, life with the boys...this summer, hanging out the night before Jess and Steve's wedding, I was missing the good ol' CBC days of playing pool and evading homework. Oh what fun.

Here's Steve...night before his wedding, trying to keep himself occupied.

Nate racks up on his beauty of a table - I think of Nate as an adult now, owning his very own pool's very inspiring.

For some reason, I didn't play that night, but Jer certainly was into it - see if you can zoom in for the extremely intense face that Jer has here; let's call it his "game face".

And so there are the boys from the days of pool at CBC...missing Mike of course cause he didn't get his butt out to Alberta for the wedding...

Summer always inspires me to think of "simpler times" as's a perfect representation of this, late in August at Cultus Lake, as Lana also has her "game face"...let's call it the Pringles Pucker.

This one I threw in...cause it's the only sunrise pic that I've ever taken...and it was in a moving car, leaving Alberta, and heading back to BC to find work and start "life" again.

well...that's about it for a little less complicated.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

who knew?

Turns out that Thanksgiving weekend is quiet at the Ramada Conference Center...and so I'm going home to the Island for a few days to see my parents and eat turkey. Just so all you Abbotsford people know, I'll be back Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

flip flops in october

I just have to say, i love living in BC...or specifically the West Coast. You know life is good when you are wearing flip flops on October 4th. :)