Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two thoughts...ok, maybe three.

  1. I went rowing today with my MA class - we've been studying team leadership and conflict resolution these last two weeks. It was really fun, and something I'd like to try again.

    In summary: It killed my hips and butt. I found trying to find balance for the boat the most frustrating part of the experience. There were moments I thought "I'm getting this!"...and then I quickly lost it. But that made me want to try harder. It's 10 hours later, and I'll still rocking back and forth with the "current". In Starbucks.

    p.s. Rowers all seem to be tall and lean. Do they come that way or do they become that way? Cause maybe I just need to start rowing more.

  2. Jane said my name today for the first time ever. It's "Keen". I'm down. And it seems appropriate seeing as I got called a keener by three of my classmates at three separate occasions in the last three weeks. Awesome. I'm okay...I own it. (And I guess Jane gets that about me...even at the age of 2).

  3. What will life look like when our four kittens move to their new homes? I'm not used to giving babies away. Just hasn't really ever happened before. And I'm kind of attached now.

  4. I lied, I have four thoughts. Tomorrow is my last day of class for the summer. (Can I get a "holla"? Or a "hallelujah"? Or both?). Every picture of me that I've looked at over the last three weeks has shown bags under my eyes. Therefore, the big plans for this upcoming weekend? Sleep. Lots of it. And some laundry.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dear mom...

I should probably warn you (before you see the pictures on facebook) that I climbed a tree today and hung out on some high ropes.

It was fun.
Knowing you're harnessed in makes all the difference in the world.

I will do it again on Saturday...and the following Tuesday.

But have no fear, I am not joining Cirque du Soleil ANY time soon.

Your only child.

(I typically tell my mom these things AFTER they've happened. I'm not sure if that helps her or not...but I figure there's no benefit in just knowing so that you can worry...right? I'll post a recap on these adventures next week after all the pictures and video comes in!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

where oh where do they go?

I give a lot of air time to Charlee...but today I need to acknowledge that Bodhi comes up with some equally hilarious stuff.

Tonight, we're snuggling on the couch (per his request), and he is showing me how he has real hiccups (the fake ones come out often as well).

Bodhi: Wait for it,'s coming!
Me: Oh yeah?
Bodhi: Yeah, here it...
Me: BOO! 
Bodhi: What?
Me: I was trying to scare your hiccups away, Bo.
Bodhi: Yeah?...(pause while he checks)...
I think it worked Kaleen! 
You scared my hiccups away! 
(It really actually did work)...
all the way to Charlee's tummy! 
Me: Wow, really? I had no idea that's how it worked!
Bodhi: Well...maybe it's just in my foot.
A kid who's wiling to think of other options.

I like it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

conspiracy theory #1.

I was born near midnight almost 30 (gasp) years ago.

I have ALWAYS been a night person.

Ask my mom.

So, is that why my best paper-writing happens at approximately 11:45pm? 

I'm in the groove...

...and wondering why I couldn't be a morning person.

It seems so attractive.
These are my "romantic" visions of being a morning person:
  • To awake with a smile on my face at the break of dawn and consider all the possibilities the day holds.
  • To drink coffee with a newspaper or a book in hand by an open window in my sun-filled kitchen (not gulping it down as I maneuver the stick shift and try turning the wheel with one hand at the same time because I'm off to a late start...again). 
  • To say more than "hi" to God. (I picture morning people as more holy than I).
  • To sing beautiful songs about cleaning the floors while woodland birds and squirrels join you in song. (I evidently picture morning people as Disney characters). 
So if you're a morning person...God bless you and your Disney ways.

And if you're an evening person...I take comfort in knowing we're here together. And that you'll probably dribble coffee on your shirt as you attempt to gulp and slam into 3rd gear simultaneously tomorrow morning...around the same time I will.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"She wished she was a mermaid, you know..."

Tonight when I got home, Charlee came and sat on the couch with me for a few minutes while I perused facebook.

Charlee loves facebook "because of all the pictures of Canada", she says.
When I asked her what that meant, she told me Canada is where we live.

Sometimes I'm curious what Charlee thinks of my mental capacity.

Anyways, in my newsfeed, some friends had been tagged in wedding pictures, and knowing Charlee would love them (and perhaps strategically helping her understand her upcoming flower girl duties), I clicked open the album.

I'm flipping through them pretty quickly when Charlee grabs my hand:

Charlee: Stop Kaleen! Go back!

I flip back a couple of pics, until Charlee points out what she's wanted to see: the picture of the groomsmen. 

Me: What are you looking at, Char?
Charlee: I like these two boys. They're my favourite. I like looking at them.

I immediately start chuckling, as Charlee points out two guys I went to bible college with. She continues by explaining how she likes just them. Not the other guys in the picture (sorry, boys). Just these two (who, coincidentally, are brothers, and therefore are similar looking). 

Charlee: Why are you laughing Kaleen?
Me: Oh Charlee, you are just growing up, that's all.
Charlee: Are you going to cry now?
Me: What? No...

And then I realized, a few tears were, in fact, coming to my eyes. 
How she knew, I have no idea.

Am I going to be that lady in Charlee's life?

The one who doesn't let her forget she used to need us? Who will always tell her, "oh, you were just so little once" in the exact baby-voice you just heard it in your head? Who may happen to show up while she's on a date and share, in detail, with her boyfriend about how when she was four years old, her main dream in life was to be a mermaid?


Yes I am.

Monday, July 11, 2011

and so...

...I shared my hesitation of teaching "th" to Charlee, with Carleigh tonight after dinner.

It resulted in a 5 minute conversation in which we attempted to replace "th" sounds with "l" sounds (similar to how the kids' use of "Kal-leen" does)...and whether or not we could convince the kids that it's cool to speak this way.

Me: So, I was linking lat maybe we should try some-ling new.
Carleigh: I was linking lat lursday is a bad day for lat.

Try it. I dare you.
Warning: you may burst into gut-laughter.

We did.

Have I told you all lately how much I love my "sister"?

Not to mention, this week in the midst of my chaos with school, I come home to find she has emptied my garbage, washed my clothes, and taken my dirty dishes up to the kitchen (my personal shame). Thanks for serving me, Carleigh. I promise great re-payment in August.

I will even scoop the kitty litter.

And you know that's true love.

Can I?

Last week Charlee actually said "Kathleen"...not "Kaleen".

My heart stopped.

Is it considered poor ethic to try NOT to teach a child how to say "th"?
Or to derail any attempts by parents or teachers?'s crossed my mind.

I don't know about Carleigh and Gary, but I'm not ready for Charlee to turn 5...and she's not even my child. Gosh.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Thursday evening I walked in the door and was greeted by Carleigh:

"You're a cousin-auntie!"

I had to think about this for a few seconds.
And then all of a sudden it clicked...

My dear cousin Kyle and his equally dear wife Sally, who live in Australia, had their baby girl...and she is a beauty. In fact, she reminds me a lot of her real auntie, my cousin Andrea!

Some of you are thinking, "I have 300 cousins and I don't know half of their kids...", so this idea of cousin-auntie won't be familiar to you. But when you only have two cousins on one side of the family, they are more than "extended family"...they are your family. And Kyle is the first to marry, and Hannah is the first grandchild...on both sides for him and Sally. I can't help but think how proud Auntie Flo would be of her new granddaughter...and gushing about the red hair on this one!
We miss you Auntie Flo.

This week I'm wishing Australia was a whole heck of a lot closer, so I could see this scene in person, and have my turn for cuddles:
Welcome to the world Hannah Ruby Davies! 
We love you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

what i want to remember right now.

So I may have been questioned by one young lady as to why I haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks. I didn't realize my fan had been left wanting. This one's for you, Jenne. :)

Well. Let's see. I don't have a great reason. Other than that I perhaps slightly panicked that my summer was ending, and thus packed my "overnight" bag three times, took four ferries, added an extra 1000 kms to my car, and blew my budget on coffee. I worked hard to fill my "tank" with time spent with friends.

I chose these last minute adventures, partly because I just wanted adventure, and partly because June was ending, and I knew that July is dedicated to school.
And here we are.
Day one, class one, done.
Tonight I read. Tonight I write a paper.
(and of course, I blog to procrastinate. That is my m.o. after all).

Already I feel the pressure of deadlines and schedule, and the knowledge that my head is about to be crammed with all sorts of stories and lessons....again. But I am excited. And I'm happy to be on campus again with those we survived the last summer's courses. These are the friends whom I have studied with online this year, whom I have skyped and emailed and facebooked with. There is something comforting to know we are in this together and we are reunited now in person.

And I smile because community can be so good.

And community can look so different from one space to the next, yet similar.

I smile when I try to get in my car to leave for school, and 2 year old Jane yells from the front step.

Jane: Mo'! Mo'! Hug! Mo'!

I have to return and give yet another last hug and receive a last kiss (with added "MUAH" sound from Jane, to which I inwardly giggle), which makes me late to pick up Kirsten, but I don't really mind, and Kirsten understands the love.

I smile when 4 year old Charlee knocks on my door as I read.

Me: Hi Char! Are you here to tell me something?
Charlee: Yes! We are going to the MOON on SATURDAY!
Me: Oh, really? I kinda thought you were here to tell me supper was ready.
Charlee: Nope. We're going to the moon on Sat-ur-day! (think sing-song voice here).
Me: Oh, okay.
Charlee: Can I use your lipstick?
Me: Yup, just a little, okay?
Charlee (after dramatically rubbing the chapstick on her lips): Okay. Supper's ready now.

I smile again when it's 3 year old Bodhi's turn to pray for supper.

Prays Jesus. 
Mom and Dad. 
Loves us. 
And all our suppers. 
And all our TOYS! 
Let me do again that first part.
Prays Jesus.
Mom and Dad.
Loves us.
And all our suppers.
And all our toys.
And all our hearts.
Ayyyyyyyy - men.

These kids teach me how community can love you. And care for you. And see things, and find the joy in things, we don't tend to see or acknowledge anymore.

I may be learning about leadership on a campus, in classrooms, with a community of articulate and professionally brilliant adults, but I also learn a lot about leadership, about loving and caring for people, about the big picture, from these beautifully created little ones...and I hope I never forget that.