Thursday, July 14, 2011

"She wished she was a mermaid, you know..."

Tonight when I got home, Charlee came and sat on the couch with me for a few minutes while I perused facebook.

Charlee loves facebook "because of all the pictures of Canada", she says.
When I asked her what that meant, she told me Canada is where we live.

Sometimes I'm curious what Charlee thinks of my mental capacity.

Anyways, in my newsfeed, some friends had been tagged in wedding pictures, and knowing Charlee would love them (and perhaps strategically helping her understand her upcoming flower girl duties), I clicked open the album.

I'm flipping through them pretty quickly when Charlee grabs my hand:

Charlee: Stop Kaleen! Go back!

I flip back a couple of pics, until Charlee points out what she's wanted to see: the picture of the groomsmen. 

Me: What are you looking at, Char?
Charlee: I like these two boys. They're my favourite. I like looking at them.

I immediately start chuckling, as Charlee points out two guys I went to bible college with. She continues by explaining how she likes just them. Not the other guys in the picture (sorry, boys). Just these two (who, coincidentally, are brothers, and therefore are similar looking). 

Charlee: Why are you laughing Kaleen?
Me: Oh Charlee, you are just growing up, that's all.
Charlee: Are you going to cry now?
Me: What? No...

And then I realized, a few tears were, in fact, coming to my eyes. 
How she knew, I have no idea.

Am I going to be that lady in Charlee's life?

The one who doesn't let her forget she used to need us? Who will always tell her, "oh, you were just so little once" in the exact baby-voice you just heard it in your head? Who may happen to show up while she's on a date and share, in detail, with her boyfriend about how when she was four years old, her main dream in life was to be a mermaid?


Yes I am.


  1. I need to meet these kids! I love how their minds work.