Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I thought life would look like at "almost 28"..

Somewhere back around 20, I had this idea that when I was "almost 28", my life would look a certain way. I don't know exactly...but I had a feeling I'd be married, having kids, doing, well, life as it is known in that context. My life today looks so much different from that picture I had in my head.

Some days I really love my life. I love that I've been to Costa Rica 7 times. I love that I have another family there, that I've learnt enough Spanish to get by (I'm still working on it), and that I know how to drive from the airport in Alajuela to either the Pura Vida Missions base, or to my host family's house. I love that in Canada I live with Gary and Carleigh who treat me like their sister; their kids see me as just another part of their life. I love that Bodhi and I have our own special games, and that Charlee loves whatever earrings I wear, and almost everyday tells me I'm beautiful.

I have to be honest though, that every once in a while, I think about that picture...what I thought life would look like...and I guess, I mourn that it isn't so. I think that's fair. For some, the picture comes together as they imagined. For others...we wait and try to focus on the joy in the places that we are.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Being busy...

Why is it that every time my life gets incredibly busy, I decide that I HAVE to rearrange my room? I know that I've had this tendency since I was young to rearrange my room every few months. And not just "switch the desk with the dresser"...but literally move every single item. Nothing stays in the same place as it was.

Well, two nights ago, I came home from a long two days of work. I had joined our fourth year Intercultural Studies students on an overnighter, during which I had had to run back to the college to teach a Service Practicum class. That night, I was exhausted...but suddenly on my mind, I HAD to rearrange my room. And not tomorrow, or the next day, but right that moment!

So...Carleigh put her kids to bed and came downstairs and helped me with my task. She even took on the task of folding my clothes and organizing my closet. While we worked on my room, I mused over why I suddenly had this overwhelming notion that the room had to change. My conclusions? When life is busy, when work is chaos, I think I need to know that I have some control...somewhere. My room is one of those places where I can maintain control (for the most part).

So it all really comes back to being a control-freak...