Saturday, November 17, 2012


If any of you have ever played Hoopla, you'll appreciate this one at a whole other level...

Today during lunch with the kiddos, Jane started talking about someone she met at a friend's house, and described him as "scary". Bodhi quickly replied to say he wasn't scary. I asked Jane why he was scary (she had no real reason...), while Bodhi tried to explain who this boy was to me.

Bodhi: Yeah, he's like older than me, but he's not a grown up.

Me: So how old is he like Charlee's age? Or is he like Kyla's age? Or like Joey's age? Or like Reuben's age? (I had a few examples to work with...)

Bodhi: No, he's not like any of them.

Me: So, how old do you think he is?

Bodhi: Well, I don't know...maybe 8? or 10? Ok...Kathleen, I know! He's bigger than a bird....but smaller than a dinosaur.

Me: OH! Well.... that definitely... helps.


  1. oh wow... that is hilarious :)

  2. thanks for the chuckle! you must be constantly entertained by those kids!