Friday, September 30, 2011

life is Good.

The last few weeks, while crazy, have also been good.

Let me re-emphasize crazy.
Good. Capital G.

May this post serve as a reminder.
May this post help me appreciate what life looks like for those moments I simply don't.

Some of my favourite things of late?

1. Bodhi, at dinner: Hey're my best big kid. (I consider this a high honour. If my students ever don't like me, I can just rest secure that I'm high on the list in Bodhi's books.)

2. I came home the other night and didn't end up going down to my room until long after dinner and the kids' bed time. I found this in my bathroom:
I guess, in our house, there is always room for someone to stay overnight. (FYI, the shower was still unspoken for...anyone?) Also, I moved this baby to another location to use my sink that night. The next day, when I got home, the baby was back in its bed. Charlee obviously thought I was displacing her baby.

3. I now have three names. (That might be biblical...or heretical...I'm not sure.)

To Charlee, I am Kathleen. (I'm not sure I'm happy with this new change.)
To Bodhi, I am still Kaleen. (Please God, may he call me Kaleen until he's 30).
To Jane, I am Keen. (That's KEEEEEEEEN. You'll understand when you hear it. In fact, no matter where you live, you may have already heard it. It's THAT loud.)

4. This little event:

Charlee: Kathleen, I'm going to draw you a picture, but it's a surprise. 
Me: Okay, Char, that would be great! I can put it up in my office!
Charlee: Yeah, that would be great, Kathleen... 
She scampers off, and returns a few minutes later while I'm reading a book to Bodhi and Jane.

Um, Kathleen, how do you write ladybug? That's NOT what I'm drawing, but I just need to know how to write it. Don't look at my picture!
Me: Okay, Char, sound it out...l...a...d...y...b...u...g
Charlee: That's it? (She hesitantly shows me the page, while attempting to cover the ladybug she has drawn beautifully...complete with feelers). But that's NOT what I'm drawing! It's a surprise!
Me: (suppressing a laugh) Okay, Char.

Two minutes later, after some final touches, I receive the ladybug picture...and could win an Oscar with my feigned shock. Charlee giggles. 

5. Now that I'm back in student development, I don't just get drawings from Charlee...oh no, I have awesome students like Shanna, who leave me lovely notes such as this. No name, but I have no doubt in my mind who the drawing belongs to:
(It was Shanna's mad drawing skills, along with the abbreviated "obvs." that I instantly knew it was from her...along with the fact that the other day I asked why she never left me cool drawings on my white board.)

6. I am surrounded by female friends who have pledged to put health first. We are committed to eating right, exercise, and joy. Here's to entering our 30s FINALLY with the understanding that balance is necessary.

7. I have a great work team. While it's been a transition to go from working with just one other person, to now a team of 4, I am learning to remember them as I make decisions, and pursue things as an individual member of the team. What I do, or don't do, can impact them...I am accountable. And it is good.

8. The fact that I get paid to have coffee with students.
My friend Dan asked me about 6 months ago, if I could do anything and money wasn't an issue, what would I do?
My answer was: Have coffee with people and talk about their lives and Jesus.

It came true.