Friday, September 09, 2011

When you're five...

The kids in my house think mail is very cool.

The entire concept to them, I think, is magical.

Today, while at the park with Char, Bo, and Jane, the mailman walked through. I am amazed he didn't hear Charlee when she screamed, "IT'S THE MAILMAN!" as if Santa Claus himself had just arrived on scene.

We made our way back to the house and Carleigh checked the mailbox. She handed Charlee her "mail". (Carleigh has convinced the kids that any leaflet, flyer, credit card offer, or "to the owner" piece is meant for them. We may run into a problem when the kids learn how to read and realize it's not.)

Char ran over to where I was sitting to show me her mail. It was a flyer from a local real estate agent, and on the front was a picture of a bride, in full dress with flowers, and a very "uncertain" expression on her face. Essentially, the idea behind the flyer is that choosing real estate is a big decision that this company can help you with...but they can't help you decide if you're marrying the right person! (Insert knee slap and groan here...).

Charlee, being five, doesn't fully appreciate the expression on the bride's face. (And, let's be honest, we're thankful she doesn't fully get it yet). And so, aloud, she pondered: "why does this girl have this look on her face?"

It didn't take Charlee even two seconds to answer her own question:

"I think she realized she forgot to put on her underwear."

The mind of a five year old is an awesome thing.

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  1. :) great way to start my week Kathleen. Keepin u in my prayers this week.