Monday, September 19, 2011

Losing a limb...

So, my lovely Macbook is in the shop. For the second time in two weeks.

I feel like I own a PC again.

Sad times.

My whole routine has been thrown out of the window, and sometimes I've felt like maybe I've lost an arm...or at very least a finger.

Today, for example, when Gary commented on "I wonder what the weather is supposed to look like this week?", and Carleigh looked at me with those eyes that say "you know this stuff...tell us!", I looked at her, and replied to her questioning eyes: "I don't know...I don't have my computer!"

My nightly routine of checking the news, the weather, and pinterest is on hold. It takes me that much longer to get at sleep. It's like my "bubba, sou-sou, night" has been taken away from me. I didn't realize my computer, and therefore access to the world wide web, has become my security blanket.

Let me tell you though, this weekend, sans computer, I ran away to Osoyoos to play with Gary, Carleigh and the kids.

It was bliss.
We pretended summer wasn't over.
We went for bike rides.
We sat in the hot tub.
And then the pool.
And then the hot tub again.
We hit up the local park and met the local "old men with dogs"...who, by the way, are always some of the most interesting people you can meet in a small town.
We played crib. (fyi: Gary 3 wins, Kathleen 5 - if he reads this, we'll end up playing 10 more times to even out the score...)
The kids fell in love with Go Fish.
We watched movies.

And I didn't check email/facebook/etc. for three whole days.

And guess what... life was just fine without it.

I even felt like I my arm and fingers were back where they belonged.


  1. your "bubbu, sou-sou, night" baahhhaaaa!
    so funny ka-leen!

  2. I know I'm back to work because I only see FB once or twice a week.