Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Every day I live with the Daveys I hear the most comical conversations between small children.

This morning, "someone" told the kids there was candy hidden downstairs.

The following conversation was one I overheard:

Charlee: Come on Bo, there's candy down here!
Bodhi: Candy??!!
Charlee: Bo, look under the couch!
Bodhi: Not under here!
Charlee: But, there's candy here somewhere, we have to find it!
Bodhi: God loves us and that's why we get candy.
Charlee: Bo, ask God for our candy!
Bodhi: We ask God and he says "no problem!"...and everyone shares! 

You're busted momma.
The kids turned this one into a spiritual lesson on you. :)

I love this house.
It is my heart home.

I'm off to the US of A tomorrow for almost 2 weeks to visit very dear friends...

I will miss these kiddos, but don't worry, Charlee already lined me up for a 4 hour date upon return, involving the park, french fries and ice cream. She practically had me sign in blood, and reminded me of my promise about 12 times today.


  1. oh my, is that ever funny!
    Hope you have a good trip! give me a call when you get back!!

  2. God wants us to have chocolate....AMEN! It preaches, sister!!