Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's a two blog day.

...when you live with kids like the ones I do, there's plenty of blog material in a day.

Let me preface this one with the understanding that Charlee is very interested in hearing stories from when Carleigh and I were kids...and now talks in the same way that we have, when telling these stories. Let me also preface this one with the fact that Charlee has never had a pet dog.

Today's Charlee story:

Charlee: Once, when I was three years old, my dog had kittens.

Your dog had kittens!?

Oh...no, my dog had pups.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, and that was the bestest dog I ever had. He was my best friend. And then...one day he died. And I cried. He was the bestest dog.

Charlee, are you going to write stories one day?

WHAT? How did you know that, Kaleen?

...just a hunch, kiddo.

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