Tuesday, June 21, 2011

jiggity jig.

I'm home again.

(Blog post pending...don't worry, this isn't it. Consider this the appetizer.)

I arrived at our house at 3:30am this morning, a full hour later than I hoped due to a late plane...and I had forgotten when planning this joyous return that I would be jet lagged and think it was morning, a full three hours later on the east coast. Awesome.

I think my car drove me home, cause I don't really remember telling it what to do.

My survival method for driving from Seattle to Abbotsford from 1am - 3:30am?
  1. Skittles. A strategic purchase at the Houston airport when I remembered Starbucks would be closed.
  2. Creepy guy driving beside me, staring me down, and both not passing me or letting me pass him. At that point I was very awake. And sped. And only breathed again when I could no longer see him. At that point I also decided I wouldn't bother stopping for gas, and decided if I suddenly got a flat tire, I would just keep driving, no matter what. I might have been overreacting... It was 2:30am, I'd been up for almost 20 hours at that point, and I may have hallucinated the whole thing. I'm not sure.
  3. Whistling to every song I could...I started thinking I was getting really good and then realized the good whistling was coming from the song, not from me.
  4. Window down, heat up.
  5. "Prays to Jesus" as Bo would say.
  6. Repeat. (Minus creepy guy).
Any time I travel, especially with people I love, I tend to leave part of my heart behind. Take good care of it, okay friends?

Onward and upward...Lana and Sam get married in t minus 4 days!
That means I have four days to deal with some awkward tan lines obtained on my travels, before putting on a dress that does not match said lines.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, when I came upstairs this morning, Charlee gave me a big hug and a kiss and led me to see our new kittens. About two minutes after, she jumped in my lap, arm around my waist, looked into my eyes, and said, "Can we go to the park now?" Memory like an elephant, folks.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    this is awesome. Skittles is a great choice. On my roadtrip home from california we ate a lot of skittles... and saw two rainbows! well one wasn't technically a rainbow, it was a rainbow minus the bow...more of a stip...so a rainstrip?? my cousin thought i was hallucinating for a while until she FINALLY saw it too....then we saw a proper rainbow further on in our journey..you really can taste the rainbow while eating skittles! ~AV