Saturday, August 06, 2011

celebration. of sorts.

I'm celebrating Post #317 on this blog with...

...bloggers block. 


I'm also celebrating by taking two extra strength advil cold and flu every 4 hours...and depending highly on my good friend Otrivin.

Double awesome.

But here's the overall synopsis of my life as of today:

I sense that life is really good...and I need to be grateful. 
For each little thing. 

Like tonight, for example, when I sat down next to Jane and she exclaimed "sit! me!" with emphasis in her voice like it was the coolest thing I've done in years. My heart was warm.

I also started a new job this week, was reminded how great it is to live with the Davey family (again), spent some time with friends, and got my laundry done. It's the big things AND the little things that bring joy, people. And I need to remember to see them. 

Also in the news, I've been watching Prison Break...a little too much. 

This may be the otrivin/advil combo talking, but the show has been leading me to distrust the government and constantly strategize my next move.
I need to remind myself I'm not a woman on the run.
But if you see me running downtown Abbotsford, maybe just pull over and remind me of that fact, okay?


  1. Get off the drugs, Kathleen; I'm begging you! You gotta get off this ride!

  2. I haven't thought about Prison Break in YEARS!!! I don't blame you one bit for getting addicted to it! Get better quick!

  3. you crack me up. every time.
    hope you're better. (xo)

  4. Kirsten8:32 PM

    "I sense that life is really good...and I need to be grateful. For each little thing."
    great reminder, kaleen! i haven't seen you in a while... how's your summer going?
    ~love and smiles :O)

  5. Kirsten! I owe you a coffee - we should try and make that happen soon if you're free :)