Sunday, August 14, 2011

The art of arranged marriage. And soup.

Tonight at dinner, Bodhi, out of nowhere, looked at Carleigh and said:

Mom, I'm marrying Penny, right?

So, maybe it's true that Carleigh and Corinna have been matchmaking their kids...but hey, I hear arranged marriages are all the rage lately. (That may be complete speculation on my part). But anyways, it seems that both Bodhi and Penny are on board. And I can't blame them. There's some security in knowing...hey, this is just the way it's going to go! Might as well run with it! At least Penny knows what she's getting into...

But once Bodhi followed this with, "tonight, right?", we thought maybe we should lay down some ground rules.

Carleigh let Bo know he needed to be at least 21 before he could marry Penny.
Gary clarified with a "you mean 25".
I looked at Bo and explained that there's a few things he needs to learn before he can marry Penny.

Like how to drive a car. 
And to find a job that pays well.
Carleigh added that he needs to be able to do his laundry all on his own.
And I said he needed to be able to make macaroni and cheese.

Before we could go any further, Bo nodded and exclaimed:

Yeah, and I'm three and I can't even make soup!

So, I guess we're in the clear for now. 

Davey/Doll Household one teaches Bo how to make soup until he is ready to marry Penny. Deal?

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