Thursday, March 31, 2011

answer: they're amazing.

Picture it:

Meet Lana.
She is my friend.

Welcome to the house she is house sitting right now. Walk through the massive front entry, glide past the baby grand piano in the pristine living room, and check out the big screen tv, before you duck downstairs to play ping pong. Oh, and if the weather's can go play in the pool, soak in the hot tub, and perhaps even jump on the trampoline outside.

Meet Sam.
Sam is Lana's fiance.
Note that this means absolutely nothing to a 4 year old.

Meet Charlee.
She is a 4 year old.
She knows nothing about what a fiance is.
At least I don't think she does.
I may be wrong.

Picture all of us.
Watching hockey on a big screen tv.
Lana. Sam. Gary. Carleigh. Charlee. Bodhi. Jane.
And me.

See Charlee sitting on her mom's lap.
See her brain working.
Working very hard.

Hear Charlee ask:

"Sam and Lana. How did you guys build this place, anyways?"

I'm pretty sure she figured it's brand new.
And they built it.
By hand.
And they live there.


in the mind of a four year old, everything is still magical.

Today, I need some of that magic.


  1. Ahh.... that's good for the heart. I could use some of that magic too... or unsinkable hopefulness.

  2. Hey Kathleen! Those kids are fantastic. :) Thanks for suggesting Ft Langley - it was great. It was so good to see you on Monday! Here's a song to make you happy:

  3. Haha oh Charlee. Your (and my) life would be so much less exciting without her in it :D That kid has the best brain!