Sunday, March 20, 2011

deep breaths.

I start my next course tomorrow.

Am I ready? But this is one of those moments for deep breaths.
Take what you get and run with it. Right?

That's the thing about having a goal.
There are moments you want to pull out...
AKA: Back out, call it quits, doubt your original vision, ask if you heard God right.

God knows me well. When I get to that place, He sends me reminders...sometimes in song, or written word, but most often in the form of people, which I love, because He knows I'm relational. I might miss the reminder if it were written on the side of a bus...but I will likely catch it if someone shares their story with me. All the little pieces fall into place at that point.

...I'm still working on that really eloquent blog post. In my head it's really lovely, but I'm struggling with the translation to written word. Here's to posting it before I forget to breathe again (stay tuned).

In the meantime...enjoy my new musical crush...may he become yours as well.


  1. Have I mentioned lately that YOU are my hero?! You can do it! You're amazing!!

  2. Oh Kathleen - this could be me writing as well! I resonate so well with your feelings on this. Having the week off was so incredible. Both we can do it!!! And it will be worth it! We just have to keep it in perspective. Looking forward to being in the same class this time : )

  3. There are people you probably don't realize who are here, on the periphery, cheering you on, believing in go girl!
    You know that it is when it things seem hardest that you need to take that deep breath and press on, perservere and trust in God to help you through to the other side. Soon you will be celebrating in victory! That moment is just around the corner! In a little while, in retrospect, you'll see.