Saturday, August 28, 2010

art by charlee

One morning last week, as I opened the door to leave for work (after kisses, hugs, coffee), I yelled "good bye" to the family, and was about to step outside when Charlee shouted "WAIT KALEEN!"

She ran off and returned with an envelope - a letter for work.

I waited until I was at my desk to open my present. 

This was the envelope front:
Is this me? not sure, but whomever it is either wears glasses, or needs more sleep. evidently having issues with one ear, and may possibly be bleeding from the chin. But you have to admit, they have pretty beautiful teeth. And evidently show their whole mouth when they smile, like Julia Roberts.

And back:
There is a story here. I'm sure of it. I think it involves the sun going brown, a house that may also be a robot, and a pink brick road, while brown words are floating through the air. And, someone is trying to say "HI" but by accident said "IH" instead.

And when I opened it, I found another envelope:
A tale of dragons and dinosaurs and hearts, I believe.
And inside that envelope was another (are we out of paper at our house? perhaps...)
Unsure. Entirely unsure.
I had to smile. This is Charlee's art.


  1. So cute. :) I think the last one looks like a wizard about to be eaten by a white pacman.

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I just love children's art. Thanks for sharing this! It is SO hard to get rid of it, once in your possession, as you know how hard they worked on their "creations" even though we usually have NO idea what it actually is :)


  3. Love it! I kept some art from my kids in Ukraine. My favourite one has a flower on one side and refrigerator on the other.

  4. Amazing. You have such a special kid on your hands :D I love reading what you guys have been up to ;) Never a dull moment it seems