Monday, March 05, 2007

the rise and fall...

I am officially going to Costa Rica this summer. That's right, I bought my ticket! So from May 7th to August 2nd...we cannot hang out. That is, of course, unless you will be in Costa Rica with me!

I have to say though, that I feel like buying a plane ticket is a little like playing the stockmarket....or "Deal or No Deal". I kept my eye on that ticket for like 2 rose fell again...and then steadily fell....and I kept saving the new ticket on Expedia, until the one day I went to check on the price, my ticket was gone from the regular list! So, I went and bought my saved one...and I was thankful, because checking the price since then, I got the last ticket at my price - they are all now at least $100 more.


Needless to say - there's a lot of stress in watching prices like that. I for one, would not make a good stock broker. And maybe I shouldn't try and get on "Deal or No Deal Canada". But I'm going to Costa Rica!


  1. Hey Kathleen...
    don't you hate it when nobody's comments on one of your posts?

  2. yes. thank you for helping me out. hey, are you coming to visit before i leave?

  3. Don't known Kath...just started work so money's tight and time might be restricted...maybe I'll try to come out for a weekend...perhaps easter weekend...who knows...