Thursday, March 29, 2007

I may have blogged about this before...

I have a pet peeve. Tonight I was reading various articles on the internet, as well as some college papers, and am saddened that we, as a generation, have not learnt how to properly spell. Nor have we learnt, grammatically, the proper usages of various words.

Please keep in mind, as I continue to rant, that I am not perfect when it comes to using the English language, nor will I judge you if you make mistakes, though I have been known to point them out sometimes, and welcome you to point out mine.

These are some of the things that seem to come up over and over again:
1. Improper use of where or were: Where were you?
2. Improper use of their, they're or there: They're not here tonight, because their car was not there when they went outside.
3. The use of apostrophe when not needed: Your car, not you're car. Sometimes I think we're just scared that we're forgetting an apostrophe, and throw it in for good measure...but it's wrong!
4. Improper use of weather or whether: I'm not sure how to address this one...maybe the teacher who was teaching these people didn't either.

I love language. Honestly, there is nothing like reading a really good book and allowing the words to soak into your mind, and carry you away to the land that exists inside of that book...whether it is real or the figment of someone else's mind. I know that many of my friends equally love language, and I think it's time we fight for it. I have no idea what that looks like, but I'm tired of seeing the same mistakes. Any ideas?


  1. Just many times did you edit this post to make sure you had no mistakes that we could call you on? I thought of making a comment with tons of mistakes, but I thought it was too cliche. about the word to/too/two...another good one. I think it's funny how the internet has probably worsened the use of grammar.

  2. Kathleen...
    check out any number of books by Lynne Truss my personal favourite is "Eats, Shoots and Leaves". I feel like she will make you laugh and cry and realize there are others out there who do know some things about the English language...
    and on a personal note "please don't hate me becasue I can't spell... I try"
    love you...
    ps. I still want you to edit my book someday!

  3. Another one for the list:

    its vs. it's.

    I believe Strong Bad has a song which aptly notes the difference.

  4. One of my favorites is "could of". I know there are more that annoy me. If only I could of known you were going to post this so I could of thought of more. (seething).

    As for how to fight for language: i propose some sort of active nonresistance response, like informing anyone who ever makes a grammatical or spelling mistake that we will never speak to them again, or at least for a period of time. Ironically I made 3 mistakes while typing that sentence that I had to correct. That could of been bad!!

  5. My grade 9 English teacher was very insistent that "alot" is not one word, but two...and if she found it in our essays she would circle it with her red pen until it actually tore a hole...obliterating the word from the essay. Now I can't stand it when I see it written as one word!!!

  6. bad spelling and poor grammar are my pet peeves as well. my personal favorites are "definately" and "saterday". I had to do an English Competency Test a couple years ago and I got like I guess my grammar and spelling aren't that great either.

  7. i think part of the problem is reading closed captioning. they spell everything wrong. and don't even say what people say.

    its a great thought. i'd say.

    i'll see you after saterday though. i'm all to happy to get together soon.

  8. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Some people are dislexic. I know two in particular. No matter how many times you point out these errors to them, they continue to make the same mistakes. I've learnt to live with it....and not edit their papers. Editing their papers = frustration and arguments

    here's another one for the list:
    loose and lose

  9. so was dyslexia spelled wrong on purpose?

  10. Hey Sandra...MOIST!!! I know how you love that word alot!! Haha

  11. wow. hot topic I guess :)
    Jerthom: read over it a million times, just in case :)

    Dana: I already read it - because you recommended it to me, and my Aunt and Uncle happened to own it! So WAS a good read!

    Lana: Oh lana. Too funny.

    To all else: Thanks for being so excited about this warms my heart.

    And on the topic of dyslexia - I agree, there are some things that can't be helped - but I refuse to give up on those people!

  12. p.s. Jerthom, Sandra is going to kill you.

  13. Oooh Jer!!! Uncalled for!!! I have a mind to fly up there and...well, let's be honest...if I flew all the way up there I'd just want to hang out with you all!

  14. Lead and Led. Not used as often...but clearly my lastest annoyance. We've have somewhat of a "coup" on campus over some dumb things...but they put up posters. I was snickering to myself because of the classic "there" when it should have been "their" but they also had metal instead of a leader.

  15. lol. So glad I went back to read "lastest." - Glad we are all friend here and no one will make fun of me. :)