Friday, March 23, 2007

one of those "you had to be there" moments.

Some stories are hard to translate into...well...stories :)
Hopefully this one translates.

So tonight, Alicia and I were hanging out at Timmy's after watching Wild Hogs (which was a good laugh, by the way), and I was chatting about my cousin in Australia (hi Kyle!) and how he thinks Andrea (his sis, my cous) and I should come visit him there...and I was chatting about it, and all of a sudden changed over to saying "Amanda" instead of Andrea. I stopped myself and said to Alicia, "Amanda! Where did I get that from?" When we simultaneously heard a girl yelling into the back, "Amanda! Amanda!" I started laughing so hard. Not even realizing that this girl had been calling to the other, I had picked up on it, and used it in my own sentence. Talk about subliminal messages....

While it was hilarious in the moment (which could have done with the sugar rush and the tiredness we were both facing), I have also realized that I have been doing this a lot lately - saying the wrong thing. Which can kind of be embarassing when you're a waitress. For example, the other night, I was asking if i could bring more creams while I refilled the coffees at the table, but instead of coffee, said "ketchup"...cause i was looking at the ketchup bottle on the table. Needless to say, the table was a little confused as to why I would want to bring out more creams while refilling their ketchup...

I think the overall explanation is that I have been letting myself go into cruise control mode lately. Work has become pretty monotonous, and so I'm not fully thinking as I talk...more just asking the questions I'm supposed to, which also means I'm not always listening to the answers...also dangerous, especially when you arrive at the computer terminal, wondering what the heck the person just ordered from you.

The countdown has begun.


  1. Hey Kathleen,
    Just wondering if you're going to be there when I come for a mustang. When do you leave for Chilliwack again??

  2. What? I didn't understand any of that.

  3. haha! good one's "Costa Rica"...weren't you listening?

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Australia sounds good- when can you fit it in? :) You could stop by Australia on your way home from Costa Rica and I'll meet up with you somewhere along the way.


  5. Andrea - let's do it! :) Now if only I can find the winning lotto ticket first....

    Sandra - I think I should do a double trip - go to australia, then head over to mexico...what do you think?

    Jer - so when you say mustang, what you mean ;)

  6. haha kathleen...I'm glad Sandra got it. Here's the translation.
    Hey Kathleen,
    Just wondering if you're going to be there when I come for a visit. When do you leave for Costa again? Maybe it wasn't so funny...I thought it was though.
    P.S. These word verifications are getting harder and harder. I'm on my third try right now...let's see if it works!!

  7. I leave May you better come before then :)

  8. Jer I got it and thought it was hilarious. Come mustang us soon.

  9. should DEFINITELY come!!! I'd be soooo excited!

    Jer're a funny guy!

    And now I need to write a note to Jer do I access your blog? Or are you cutting me off? You can be honest with me.

  10. Maybe we should start a blog for all the people that have been cut off.

  11. oh yeah sorry... i tried to set it up so people could still access it but i could control who was accessing it for varoius reasons, and that didnt really work, and i thought it was pretty presumptuous to make people have to sign up to read my blog anyway, and now i don't blog anymore. so you're not missing anything.

    i'm glad we have kathleen's blog comments section to reconnect though. haha

  12. glad to help.
    i need a new topic.

    p.s. does it seem wrong to anyone else that we have to do the word verification for our own blog?

  13. Thank you Kathleen for being the channel that keeps us all connected...the glue that holds us together really:)

    Glad to know you weren't just trying to get rid of all of us Jer!