Sunday, May 29, 2011

it's that time...

...8:36 on a Sunday night and I have a huge paper due tomorrow at noon.

You know what that means...

time for a blog!

(on a side note, does anyone know of procrastination cures? cause i really should be checked in somewhere.)

Today's feature will be my highlights of the week (the ones I can remember right now...which actually are the ones from Wednesday to Saturday):
  1. Charlee brought flashcards home from pre-school group and told me:
    These are my flashing cards, Kaleen!
    Watch out.
  2. I drove out to my dear classmate Patti's house to share with 5 women (who all have a call on their heart to lead in Christian ministry) about my journey this year in learning about God's sovereignty and my life-long-battle to submit to Him.

    The 5 women represented 5 churches in Chilliwack, but also 5 different cultures and ethnicities...and I accurately guessed that one woman was from El Salvador. That was a bizarre moment. I've never met anyone from El Salvador before. But I just had a hunch. She was a little shocked as well.

  3. Carleigh and I tried something new and headed out to watch the Reign Valley Vixens dominate while raising money for cancer research. Did you know we have a roller derby league in Abbotsford? I'll let Carleigh share about the fun times, but we I can tell you that we had some laughs, we reminisced about Whip It, and we marvelled at the beatings that these girls took. That cement is not friendly

  4. I made a confession to Carleigh after visiting the Trinity Western library to do some of my research.

    Keep in mind, I have always worked in a library that fills one room.
    Just one.
    Highschool, public library, North Island College, and CBC, all had books in the one room.

    So there I am, walking into TWU's library, took a seat, did an online catalogue search, took note of the numbers, and then got up to find them...and couldn't find the books. There were journals, and reference materials...but no books. I wish you could have joined me in my head for that moment. "Where are the freakin' books in this place?" 

    Thankfully there's a reason I've made it all the way to grad school, and I started looking for signs (cause I also know that's a first choice over going to the desk and politely asking: "where are your books?" You know I'd be the topic of conversation at the dinner table later that evening: "you'll never guess what this girl asked me today...and she's a GRAD student")

    ...which lead me to realize that the TWU library actually has three floors.

    Fancy that.

    Who knew?

    Well...I guess a lot of people do, I just hadn't been that observant the previous two times I had used the library. (Which tells you I wasn't in the library looking for books...just to use the internet and look smart).

  5. After that notorious visit to the TWU library, I came home and was met by Bodhi, who quickly said:
    Hey Kaleen!
    How was your work?

    Good, How about you Bo?
    How was your work? was pretty good.

    (He emphasized this point with a shrug of the shoulders, and a little click of his mouth. Kind of like an attempted wink/click thing. I love that kid.)

    So that's it folks. Time to get back to my paper. And while I do...may you enjoy this one as much as I do:

    Punctuation appreciation from here

Sunday, May 22, 2011

brought to you by...

This week has been busy, even though I'm technically less busy.

Figure that one out.

In the meantime, my homework, room cleaning, bridesmaid duties and pinterest obsession have had their own soundtrack, featuring this dear man (whom I will see in concert in less than one month!):

Monday, May 16, 2011

i have an appreciation

...for people who dream up things like this:

And begin with things like this:
 If only I could be this creative.

I hope to attempt this one day - here's the "how to" if you're interested:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My skills... procrastination have reached epic proportions.

This week...thanks to Elissa (and she did issue a warning)...I discovered the means by which I will never write another paper again.


Heard of it?

Before you click the link, answer the following questions for me:

1. Do you have a family? Children? Husband? People you should be caring for on a regular basis?

If yes, please consider looking at this site after the hour of at least 8pm. Because likely you will continue looking until 1am...and any cries of "help" or "I'm hungry" or "my brother is punching me" will be drowned out by the beauty you can't pull your eyes away from.

2. Do you work? Go to work? Work from home?

If yes, please consider looking at this site only when your work is done for the day. Because, again, you will likely get dragged under by this site, only to resurface when your boss is standing in your doorway, asking for that report you were supposed to give them two hours earlier.

3. Do you have school work? Papers to write? Exams to study for?

If yes, please don't click on this link until you walk across that graduation stage. Heed my warning. all seriousness, there is some amazing stuff out there.

Like this: