Friday, May 06, 2011

did you know baker starts with a "m"?

This morning I baked some cookies from dough I had made and put in the fridge last night (sidenote: these are the "bestest" peanut butter chocolate chip cookies you have ever had...and have NO flour in them...ask Carleigh where she found the recipe). 

As I'm baking them, the small children are hovering...and consistently asking me if the cookies are ready to be eaten. Later on, after some rigorous playmobil clean up with their mom, they run upstairs for a treat of cookie and milk. Mouths covered in cookie crumbs, the kids start scampering off to their next activity (who knows what...) and before she runs off, Charlee exclaims:

You're a real good maker Kaleen!

Thank you Charlee.

Mommy's a good maker, too.

Yes, you're right, she is.

But...not daddy. Daddy's not a good maker. 

(My inner monologue: Oh dear. do I respond to this? Oh wait...I don't have to say anything, because she's moved right along.)

But, Daddy's a good builder!

Yes, Charlee, your Daddy's a good builder. (phew.)

Oh, the inner workings of a four year old's mind. Rather remarkable, lovely, and mysterious all at once. And slightly risky at times too. You never know what will be said next.

Here's to the next three months, in which I will be unemployed, working on school work, travelling a little, and hanging out with the three munchkins in my house. It will be good.


  1. hmmmm.... here's a thought-- if you have some extra free time, maybe you could come bake cookies at my house? :) Since you are a pretty good maker and all...

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Okay I'm aware now. Thanks for educating me K even if I'm posting from the BlackBerry ;D