Thursday, November 03, 2011

chewing on this one...

Every human contact requires an openness that invites others into our presence for a moment of grace, if we so choose - or a moment of profanity.
Yes, that is the right word.
We profane another person whenever we fail to honor them as human beings.
Because every human being is made in the image of God, each is intrinsically connected to him and is therefore sacred, being stamped with God's own imprint.
How I treat "the least of these" is how I treat their Creator.
If I extend to them hospitality, I reveal God's beauty and grace.
If I am uncharitable toward another person, I fail to honor the God who gave them dignity.

Jesus' identification with us is so intense that whatever touches us touches him.
And whatever I do to another human, I do to him.
By profaning another person, I profane God.
Thus the greater profanity may not be cursing, bad as that is, but failing to extend openness and hospitality to another person who bears the Creator's image.
"He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker" (Prov 14:31).
Duane Elmer, Cross Cultural Servanthood, page 45.

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  1. Wow, this punched me in the gut...hard. Thanks for sharing this truth. I obviously needed it. :)