Monday, March 26, 2012

She might not like bones but...

I crashed on the couch when I got home...hard (sadly Carleigh was left to herself in the kitchen...sorry Car).

So, Jane picked up her doctor's kit and went to work on me. She doused me in imaginary cream, fed me a multitude of "pills", and gave me about six shots. She also tested my heart beat...out of my nose.

And then Charlee got in on the action.

With a flip chart in hand, she walked up to me and inquired as to my condition.

Charlee: Do you have a headache? A back ache? Do you have sneezels? Or chilly pops? How about chicken pox?

Me: Oh! Well, I don't think I have the chicken pox...but I might have the chilly pops.

Charlee: Oh yeah, that's bad.

1 comment:

  1. Next step, teach them how to give you spa treatments - hot pack for the neck or back, rubbing cream into the feet and hands, back massage. Sometimes I get the full treatment from Stefan (Jer) with Amy assisting.