Friday, March 23, 2012

the hip bone's connected to the...

I was having a snuggle with Char, Bo and Jane on the couch two nights ago, as we looked through their Usborne Human Body book (which I will admit is the coolest flap-book I have ever seen...if you want to buy one, I happen to know a certain Usborne lady...)
Anyways, there is a picture of a body and the first flap opens to reveal the muscles, and then the flap under that one reveals the bones. As I opened the flaps, the kids' responses were hilarious.

Char: "Oh, that is di...stug...sting"
Me: "Dis..gus..ting?"
Char (hiding her face in her hands): "Yeah, that is di...stug...sting!"

Bo (leaning over my shoulder with a slight grin): "I think it is adorable"

So there you have it.

Char will likely not go into medicine.

Bo might end up working as a forensic anthropologist...the irony is, after hearing the name "Bodhi Jones" (a Vancouver musician), I tend to call Bo, "Bodhi Jones" from time to time (to which he says, 'that's not my name, Kaleen!'). But, shorten Bodhi Jones, and you get...Bo..nes. Coincidence? I think not.

And that, my friends, is how my brain works.
No flap book necessary.

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  1. Christa8:23 PM

    Ha Kathleen... love it and love you!