Monday, October 10, 2011

these kids.

Yesterday, with the help of Lana, I had the kids to myself from about 1pm until around midnight. While I do the occasional "shift" with the kids, I can't remember the last time my shift was this long. I think it might have been pre-Jane. 

In the past, one of these fun shifts involved a lot of puking...and a lot of laundry.

Thankfully, yesterday, I am proud to report, there was no puking...and minimal laundry.

Instead, I am equally proud to report, we had lunch, we piled into my Honda Fit (fyi, a Honda Fit can hold two booster seats and a carseat in the back - this car never ceases to amaze me), we went to the park, we watched "Fly Away Home" (anyone remember this gem?), we had dinner (I may have given the kids their weekly consumption of fish between lunch's tuna fish sandwiches and dinner's tilapia filets...), and we even made cookies. I consider the day a phenomenal success.

I love these kids.
Who wouldn't?


  1. so fun ;) love the last picture!

  2. Good work Kathleen! And yes, Fly Away Home!