Thursday, February 10, 2011


Living with a family provides this single girl hours of entertainment. 
Honestly, hours. 
Sometimes after dinner I find the time simply flies until the kids go to bed, because they are just hilarious. 
(Their parents, who don't get to then escape to their room in the basement, may not agree with me...)

Anyways, last night, Carleigh and I were having dinner with the kids (Gary's away on business this week), and Carleigh was playing her new game with Charlee: we'll call it, "tell me what this means". Carleigh comes up with a random word, asks Charlee to repeat it, and then to tell her what it means. Charlee, at age 4, comes up with some of THE best definitions. This little girl's got a knack for it, we've decided. Carleigh's given me permission to make this my blog, enjoy.

Definitions by Charlee Davey:
Haggis: when people are rude to nice people

Saskatoon: when babies are in their mommies' tummies and drink (drink what? we don't know)

Juniper: cats that purr (and maybe are named "June"?)

Nunavut: people who don't want babies

Baba ghanoush: papa baking poop

New Brunswick: when people aren't doing the right things

Bargain: when people get their babies back (to which Carleigh and I replied, yes, that sounds like a bargain...)

Tonsils: it means you like nachos (there may have been some reference to our dinner here...)

Cylindrical: "I was walking along with a click, click, click..." (there may have also been further reference to poop that I have omitted for your sake...poop seems to be a big deal around here, as well as doing the right/nice thing and babies - no Carleigh is not pregnant, but Charlee really hopes Skippy Jon Jones will have kittens.)

Uranus: to which Char recited our address perfectly, and Bodhi (age 3) piped up with: "no! It's like this" threw his head back, made crazy eyes, and shouted some type of war cry: "....Wahhhhhhh!"

I love these kids.

Charlee calls this last one her "lady pose" although here she looks a little more drunk than lady-like...I'll have to try and get a better shot of it. The essentials are: sweet smile, head tilt, shoulder to the chin. We have no idea where she picked it up, but I looked across the table at her last night at dinner, and she did it to me...and when I asked her what she was doing, it was the first thing that came out:  
"it's my lady pose, Kaleen!"

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