Monday, January 31, 2011

pregnant pause?

So the other night I dreamt I was pregnant.

I don't even know how it happened.

In the dream, I just "woke up" one day and realized I was with child.
And then...I panicked.

Pretty much the entire dream was based on my being pregnant, steadily growing, most definitely unsure of how I got pregnant in the first place, with the all-consuming knowledge that no one would believe my "innocence". All I could picture were the potential results: loss of my job, my pursuit of education, and etc., etc., etc.

But I can't shake that dream, for some reason.

So I've compiled a list of possibilities as to why I had the dream in the first place:

1. I'm brilliant. According to the online dictionary I found, a definition for "pregnant" is: Having a profusion of ideas; creative or inventive. It's just building up so much, it's coming out in my dreams!


2. My subconscious is trying to identify with the Virgin Mary for reasons unknown.


3. My biological clock is ticking. I keep pressing snooze, but it's leaking into my dreams.


4. Someone in my life needs to confess something to me. The last time I had this dream, I ended up finding out about an "unwed" pregnancy that thankfully turned out great for the young lady. So...whether you're wed or unwed, maybe you're not telling me you're actually preggos...and you need to. Ahem.


  1. Christa Brand3:24 PM

    I once had a very similar dream and at the time I definitely wasn't pregnant either. It's a weird feeling to wake up to that.

  2. I had a dream like that not long was frightening because my boyfriend was in the dream too and we both knew that there was no way I was pregnant, but try telling that to parents in a dream. Yikes!