Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The least the next year of it.

I think I'm allowed to tell you all this now that it's "official"...I have a new job for the fall!

So, two weeks after I return to Canada in August, I will start my new position as "Assistant to the Director of the Intercultural Studies Program" at CBC! (I can already hear the coughs of "lifer" coming from you all). I am excited to return to CBC in a new in which I don't have to live on campus or eat caf food as a job requirement, I am excited to work with Bryan (the Director), and I am excited to have a new challenge.

In other related news, as of today, I have two weeks left of work (PTL and Amen to that.). In further related news, I would like to request your prayers for making it through the next two weeks of work. Tonight was NOT a great night, and those nights tend to make it harder to go back to work the next day.

Overall... I'm excited! (I really need to find a new word here). There's lots of changes coming up, and I'm really feeling fortunate about being in this stage of life (and VERY thankful that I am coming back from Costa Rica to a house and a job!).

Time to start packing...


  1. I noticed that you sounded a little sad about not having to eat in the cafeteria and live on campus. Something that I can totally relate to. I was just thinking that I bet you could work something out in your benefits package. I'm sure CBC would be more than willing to be accomadating in that way!!

    Congrats Kathleen.

  2. Haha! Well, the word "lifer" may have come to mind...but with a smile of joy on my face. When I think of some of the "lifers" of CBC (George Schmidt, Ron Voth, Janet Boldt, Ron Penner...)it's with a lot of respect and admiration:) I think that job is perfect...what an awesome opportunity/experience. Bryan Born is so great!! I love that you're off to go packing already...can't wait to go?

  3. Kathleen!
    I'm so pumped for you and know you will do a great job! I will be headed back out West in the fall again, and will come by to visit with you!!!
    Well dear finish well and enjoy your time in Costa Rica!
    (ps. I'm back from S.A. and am now in Winnipeg!)
    Love you...