Thursday, April 05, 2007

The colour of my roots. Ahem.

I have to admit something silly.

Many of you will remember that a few weeks ago, I sent out an email, frustrated, as I had lost my address book, looking for your help to fill a new one with your information. I thank you for sending me that information. I still haven't found that address book.

So, the other night, I was thinking, "I should study some Spanish". I grabbed a notebook and headed to the computer to look up some online tutorials. As I found what I was looking for online, I opened the notebook to start writing stuff down. As I looked down at the open pages, I started laughing. My face was red.

For you see, my fair friends, about, oh, three months ago, I decided that my address book was getting old, out of date, and rather messy. I pulled out a notebook, and transferred all my addresses into this notebook, thinking it could double well as a new address book. I then proceeded to throw out my address had served its purpose well.


Funny how we can put these things right out of our minds. And I spent hours, just three weeks ago, looking for that old address book. Frustrated.

Guess I should have left myself a note.


  1. that seems like it would be double the amount of work...

    like duplicating your efforts

  2. Not gonna lie Kathleen...that's pretty made me laugh!!! Don't worry though, we've all been there and done something similar!!