Sunday, February 02, 2014

a moustache and a beard...

It's 9:50pm on a Sunday night, and I have a number of papers I'm supposed to have marked by tomorrow morning. And the number left is still big. So I have tea. And some chocolate. And I figured it's time to blog...right? (Those of you who read my blog while I was doing my Masters' degree know that my prime blogging time is exactly when I'm nearing a deadline for something else. aka. I procrastinate. Big time. And I've accepted it as a strength.)

This last week has been full of epic kid stories. I've had more time to take the kids on dates, and they've been hanging out in my room more, so undoubtedly that leads to awesome stuff. Enjoy.

One night last week, I took Bodhi (6) and Jane (4) to the library. The car ride there was hilarious.

Bo: Um, Kathleen, do I have the right cards for the library?
Me: Yup, Bo, mom put your library card in your wallet, so you're good to go.
Bo: Kathleen, how much money do I have for the books?
Me: Oh, Bo, you don't need money for the library. You just borrow the books, but you need a card to show the lady at the desk. 
Bo: Huh?
Jane: Yup, you just go and she goes "beep" and then you get to take the books home.
Me: Yeah, and then she will tell you, "you can have these books for two weeks!" or something like that, and then after two weeks, you have to bring them back.
Bo: What if I forget, and bring them back late?
Me: Well, then you'll have to pay money for being late. It's called a fine.
Bo: What!?! I don't have any money!

Hearing the panic in his voice, I assured him his mom would take care of it.
Once we arrived at the library, Bodhi had a plan.

Bo: I'm going to find all the science books! I want books on science.
Jane: Well that's a great idea, because you are a scientist Bo!

We walked in, and a young man working in the children's area asked me if we needed any help. I told Bodhi to ask him what he was looking for, and Bo enthusiastically asked for the science books.

Library guy: So what kind of science are you interested in?
Bo: Well, like, zoology. But not like fossils and stuff.
Library guy: Wow. Well, I'm not quite sure where the zoology books kid has exactly ever asked me for that. I'll look it up.

(He comes back and directs Bo to the animal section, which Bo decides isn't really what he wants. So library guy patiently starts going through one book after another in the science section and asking Bo if that's what he's interested in. This guy deserves whatever pay he's getting. In fact, I should have tipped him...what's the going percentage for library tips? Anyways, Bo hits the jackpot with the "crystals", "minerals", "electricity", and "rock formation" books. As you can tell, he's totally into zoology.)
Here's a photo intermission: I took Jane to the car wash yesterday. There was a long line, and so I distracted her with apple juice and taking pictures in her 3d glasses with the lenses popped out. I told her, "pretend we're in line for Disneyland!"
And then there was the glorious moment today where Charlee (7) and Jane popped into my room for a visit. I had put up a new display of pictures on my wall, and Charlee upon entering and see this declared,

"You are just living the life."

I laughed and tried to dig for more info.

Charlee: If you didn't live with us, Kathleen, I would have your room. 
Jane: And I would share it with you!
Charlee: No Jane. No you wouldn't. (Someone already shares a room...and someone who's name rhymes with Lane, snores. She's actually confessed it to me herself). 
Me: Oh, but Charlee, I really do love living with you. 
Jane interjects, insisting that I just can't die. Please don't die! I assure her I have no plans to...
Charlee: Kathleen, we really do love living with you. Please don't get a boyfriend.
Me: Why?
Charlee: Because then you'll get married, and you'll move away, and he'll be your husband, and I might hate him!
Me: (admittedly chuckling) Woah, why might you hate him?
Charlee: Because he might not have a moustache and a beard. 

So, future husband, here's hoping you can grow some facial hair. I've got a 7 year old who's love for you depends on it.

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