Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Well that's fantastic!

(This title is for Steve Klassen...because he will get it.)

Enjoy the latest snippets from my wee friends.

Jane and I are sitting on my bed looking at my old pictures from college.

Jane: What's that girl's name?
Me: Her name is Erin
Jane: Oh! Like..."I gotta go run an erran...?"
Me: Yes. Just like it.

Our friend Vanessa comes over to cut our hair. Gary has to go to work and Carleigh needs to go 'run an erran' and so the kids and I are colouring at the table while Vanessa finishes her work.

Bodhi: Jane! Your hair looks amazing.
Jane: Does that mean you want to kiss me?
Bodhi: No.

Bo then looks at me...

Bodhi: Kathleen. The girls. Are. Weirdos!
Me: Oh, but you love them.
Bodhi: Yes. And they are weirdos.

Charlee, meanwhile, has been working on some sort of craft at the table. She suddenly announces she is finished, and holds up what resembles a flash card, made out of kraft paper, with her name proudly written on the front. 

Me: Oh wow Char, what is this? Is it a card?
Charlee: Yes. It's my card. I'll give it to people and they will say 'that girl can cut hair!'

(Perhaps this was influenced by the fact that Vanessa had just brought us a few of her own latest business cards...)

Vanessa: Charlee, what is the name of your business?
Charlee: Um...Charl..e...Charle...Charles Darwin!

(Vanessa and I exclaim our interest in this new name...)

Vanessa: So, Charlee, what are your thoughts on Charles Darwin?
Bodhi: She doesn't have thoughts. She just blogs, and twirls, and plays. She doesn't have thoughts.
Me: Really, Bo. Wait, did you say she blogs?
Bodhi: Yup. She blogs.

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