Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome home.

After 16 days in Europe, and one really long day that included a crying Air Canada ticket agent, I am home. 

(And, to note, I wasn't the one who made her cry. Side note: I never ever want that job. Ever.)

I love travel.

I also love my bed.

8:09am this morning (after finally falling asleep around 2:45am), I awoke, hearing the kiddos upstairs. I immediately smiled, and decided I was truly awake; I was too excited to see them. 

And they, thankfully, felt the same. 
There's nothing like coming home to lots of love.

I am working on a fun post about my travels through Italy and Greece (well, I think it is fun...). 
Along the journey, I tried my best to write down those favourite moments; the ones that hold some magic.  
I look forward to sharing them with you.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the interactions that the kids and I had today while Gary was working and Carleigh was out... I find them hilarious, I hope you do too.

After giving the kids their little presents from my trip (venetian masks that they get to decorate themselves, mini-nutella packs, and Euro pennies), Charlee announced that it was the best day ever. She's pretty easy to win over. I had cut some bread for the kids, and Bodhi, while awkwardly spreading nutella on his slices, had some questions for me about my travels.

Bo: So, Kathleen, like did you really eat this when you were gone?

Me: Yeah Bo, I did...sometimes for breakfast!

Jane: (piping in from the dining room) Kaleen! Did you sleep there? 

Me: Yes, Jane, I slept there!

Bo: Hey Kathleen, did the Chinese people...or well, whatever world you were in....did they have (he then coughed for me)

Me: Yes, Bo, I do believe I heard some people coughing like that...

Jane: Chinese is a language!

Me: Yes, Jane you're right, Chinese is a language!

Jane: I don't know Chinese, but I know a language. It says "hola!"

With this very multi-cultural conversation, we moved to the dining room table, where we started talking about Charlee's upcoming birthday. The kids had also recently discovered new lanterns (the outdoor paper kind) that Carleigh had acquired, and that got Charlee thinking...

Char: I want to have a China birthday!

Me: Oh really? (these kids really have China on the brain...)

Char: Yes! I really do! I want a China birthday party!

Me: Well, that could be fun! You could have Chinese food, and fortune cookies, and...

Char: Oh...we would have to have chicken noodle soup!

Me: Chicken noodle soup? Is that Chinese?

Char: Yes, Kathleen! Noodle soups are Chinese. So...that means that chicken noodle soup is definitely Chinese. But maybe we could put a flower in it, or something, and then it would really be Chinese.

They never ever cease to amaze me...

Jane: When I turn five-teen, I want a Spiderman party!

Bo: You can't have a Spiderman party, Jane....and you'll be fifteen, not five-teen....maybe you can have a princess party.

Jane: Nope. I want a Spiderman party. With cheetahs. I love cheetahs.

And then, Bodhi, having put his dirty dish away, comes back to the living room. 
One sock is on, and one sock is off.

Bo: Ok guys! So, what do you think? One sock on, and one with no sock. Is this weird? Or is it cool? 

I missed them.

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  1. Oh, the randomness of conversations with children! What a great welcome home.