Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Some days the grey (gray?) of this constant January rain, rain, and more rain, can get to me.

Some days my hope gets...misplaced. Perhaps one day I will share more of those thoughts here, but today I need to share of joy.

It is hard to stay too long in a miserable heart place when you live with the kind of kids that I do.

Tonight I got to watch the kiddos while Carleigh and Gary went out for dinner.

And it was fantastic.

A summary:

Jane shared all about Chris and Martin (of the famed Zaboomafoo/Wild Kratts variety); specifically about how she wants to kiss Chris, go into the tv and play with him...and kiss him again. She also reminded me that we have popcorn in the house (a very important fact, I guess, for a 3 year old).

Charlee talked about her first horseback ride on Midnight, the "kindest and gentlest horse of them all". Her eyes lit up just thinking about it. And she mentioned how she had to be very careful with the "tissue in between his hooves" (um, are you 6 or are you 20? geez these kids are growing up too fast).

And then there's Bodhi, who talked all about Rachwalski (see pronunciation above), his kindergarten learning center teacher. I love, love, love that Bo doesn't call her Mrs. Rachwalski, but just "Rachwalski", like she's some sort of business partner:

..."Yeah, Rachwalski tells me to put my hand up when I have a question"
..."I made cookies with Rachwalski"
..."Yeah, that's what Rachwalski does"

I'm half expecting to come home one day and have Bo tell me "Rachwalski said that we should diversify our portfolio".

But the best heart moment was when Bodhi, upon downing his post-dinner treat of marshmallows and hot chocolate, sighed loudly and breathed out a, "thanks for the treat, Kathleen". He then turned to me and announced: "When I'm grown up, I'm totally going to buy you a package of gum".

His chocolatey-marshmallowy finger pointed to Charlee, "not you!", and to Jane, "not you!", and then to me, "but just for you!"

In the mind of a 5 year old, that may count as a marriage proposal. I'm not exactly sure.


  1. :) That's amazing.

  2. That brought a smile to my face this morning. Yay!