Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the words.

The one thing about Pinterest that I love (okay, there's more than one...) is the crazy amount of print and text images it provides me with. 

I *might* have a slight obsession with really good quotes. 

It started around the age of 13 when I read: 
"faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark" 
(Rabindranath Tagore)

This quote gave me another picture for faith that expanded upon what Scripture had been telling me already.
At the time, I think I drew a sad picture of a butterfly (because I couldn't draw a bird), and repeatedly took it out of my "treasures" box to recite along with my memory verses. (I was 13 after all).

I guess I have a thing for words. 
I may not be able to draw or paint or sculpt or even sketch...
(as friends can attest to from our Cranium game nights...)
but I love words.

I love the way a string of well-placed words can convey an image so spectacular, that in your heart it finds a home. 

A good book has the ability to draw you into its pages and make you believe you are living the story; you are not merely an observer, you are a participant.
A good quote will stick with you for 17 years (that's right...I just typed that above quote from memory, and yet I can't remember my license plate number).

I think I inherited this love of words from my Grandma Olive. 
I still have a number of her letters tucked away in a box carefully placed on my shelf.
Her "Dear Dolly" letters are what I call them. (Nicknames seem to run in the family...and no, you can't start calling me that, unless you are Myles Shaw and claimed the right to it when we were in college.).

Grandma's book of poetry has a spot on the bookshelf. 
Every once in a while, I find time to read through it.
Grandma wrote from a lens of faith; Scripture was part of the "breath" of her words. 
It was evident her Bible reading was more than duty.
Occasionally, I quote her words in my papers for school.
When I do, it reminds me of something else I love about words: 
the window they open to the past, and the potential they offer to bring about change for the future.

And so. 
Here are my latest favourites.
And yes, I might have them memorized.
But no, I did not draw a butterfly to go with them.

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Proverbs 31:25
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"it doesn't matter if the journey is long when the destination is your heart"
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  1. My grandpa would write poems about us and how important our faith is in our birthday cards. I used to think it was boring until he passed away and now I wish I'd kept them all. Thankfully I kept the very last one (among others) which is so special to me now. It is a good reminder.