Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The deceiving.

So, lately this blog has been abandoned.
One would think it is rather quiet...
And yet my life has been very full (hence the non-blogging).
At this moment, I am procrastinating from a whole heck of a lot of homework, and thus, this blog post will be short.

The last three weeks?
* Christmas
* Manning snow day
* New Years "take 2" extravaganza
* New class
* Return of the student leaders
* Return of the students
* Rear-ended
* Insurance agencies
* Doctor appointments
* Muscle relaxants
* Homework
* Semi-flu
* More doctor appointments
* New bumper
* More homework

The next three weeks?
* Therapeutic massage
* Conquering time management
* Blogging 

This should tide you over: 

Charlee: Hey Kathleen, how do you spell Elliot?
Me: E...L...L...I...O...T
Charlee: Ok, thanks...
(to herself): Ok, now, "I"
(and then back to me): Hey Kathleen, how do you spell "want"
Me: Um, ok, "W...A...N...T" 
Charlee: Ok, how do you spell "to"? 
Me: T...O...But, Charlee what are you trying to say to Elliot? 
Charlee: Oh, well, I want to say, "Dear Elliot, I want to show my heart to your heart, in joy and peace".
Me: Um, does your Mom know about these plans to show Elliot your heart? 

It begins, folks...

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